Monday, 12 October 2009

Mad Cows

our early morning run at 0545 saw the first outing this autumn of my hat and gloves. it wasnt freezing but cold enough for a ground frost veneer to brighten the ground under the stars and moon above.

feeling rather chipper today i decided to pack some gear for a lunchtime kenyan hill session in the 'cornerfield' in bollington (hayfella knows the one). my choice of gear was somewhat guided by my first outing, so i took a berghaus base layer and shorts.

arriving in 'cornerfield' after just 10mins of running and i was sweating was roasting for the time of year. so, with only cows and horses in sight there was only one thing to do, so off came the shirt. ahhh..liberated running once again though i'm not that sure the onwatching cows would have necessarily agreed.


Hayfella said...

Did they come up to lick the sweat off you!
Ah. The corner field. The perfect place for Kenyan Hills.

kate said...

there are laws regarding that sort of behaviour ;)

Nick said...

Nice fisheye lens on the cow, UC. Was it yours?
Ignore Kate. Human laws don't apply to cows. You do what you like in that field :-)

ultra collie said...

hf - perish the thought! cornerfield still has that drag element to it as was ever thus!

kate - i on the run. geddit!?

nick - the cow or the lens?