Saturday, 5 June 2010

am i getting the FEAR?!

the FEAR, a famed word from Withnail and I, shot in and around Bampton where we shall be having cake and the finest wines known to humanity at the end of day 2 of our coast to coast adventure


with any amount of trepidation life has to go on and with half term upon us we took ourselves to one of our treasured boltholes in southern ireland, inchydonney island, for a few days. fittingly so to holiday right by the sea. lots of time to relax, some beach running, some gyming (is that a word?!) whilst the kids donned wetsuits and spent hours of simple fun in amongst the waves

no matter what, whatever was lurking in the depths of my mind accompanied me all the way over there, only to show itself in my dreams as i slept.

weird goings on of long distance adventures of success (judged by time) followed by the same journey and a less positive outcome. of mountain rescue teams driving around the tiny lanes of the lakes in red double decker buses!

now back home the final preparations are underway..packing, organising, oh and a bit of compass work. the running, the multi-day distances dont worry me at all. my FEAR is purely driven by the fact that I'M IT when it comes to guiding us across the land.
im sure i'll be fine. and i think charlie will be a big help too using his natural instinct to follow a trail

overall im cool about it all but im waiting to see what other FEAR inducing stuff will come floating into my tiny mind in the next few days


Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
So you are IT for getting across the land of trails! I have faith in you...not a problem:) You will have Charlie with you and everyone knows that collies are one of the most intelligent dogs out there! I am so glad that you post and share things about Charlie in your blog:) It makes me miss my Tobie but hearing about Charlie and seeing his pictures always makes me smile:) Good luck to you!! Keep the faith!

BTW, I am so jealous that you live in England and can basically travle to anywhere in Europe easily! Sounds like you had a nice time in Ireland!

kate said...

will you be drinking as much as withnail on route?! glad to hear charlie's fit enough for the trip. as for the navigation, don't you just need to head due east ;)

Hayfella said...

Follow the signposts and you won't go far wrong. It's going to be a brilliant trip.

ultra collie said...

julie..thanks for the vote of faith..lets hope its not blind!

kate - yes..lighter fuel

hayfella - what signs!?

Anonymous said...