Saturday, 23 April 2011

white rabbit white rabbit

so there we were, minding our own business heading over to brown knoll,when suddenly out of nowhere a mountain hare that we'd clearly disturbed goes shooting off. i've heard about these guys (and gals) and seen the sign with them on but i suspected real sightings of them weren't that often..though im sure more regular visitors on here to edale/kinder will tell me differently. anyway it was a sight to behold but he was off like a shot before i could get my camera out. luckily charlie stayed with me resisting his natural urge to give chase. a real priveledge the whole thing.

anyway, i think i've found a new fairly local playground now around edale and kinder, i abolutely love it. unlike last weeks sorti in the clag, there wasn't a cloud in the sky as we set off at 0630 to largely follow the sklyine fell race route..what a belter it is too! the only downside of the day was raldiss having to retire, feeling unwell, little over 1/2mile into the adventure..better safe than sorry.

first up was the climb up to ringing roger (i so love this shot!)

then over the moors, staying high, before dropping onto the roman road and up to winhill

a sharpish decent (ouch) then a good climb up to lose hill/wards piece

passing curious onlookers keeping an eye on his nibs

a pit stop at lose hill looking over to hollins cross and mam tor

the bleak trig of brown knoll

from there we headed over to a very different kinder to the one we'd traversed only a week ago..this one had visible paths (everywhere!) much easier navving was. maybe i'm not as bad at it as i sometimes think. we kept largely to the escarpment edge with its amazing views before ascending grindslow knoll and descending steeply back (double ouch)into edale. just over 21 miles and 4000ft or so. ideal lakeland 50 training but more importantly, an amazing morning out.


Runningbear said...

Lovely silhoutte shot of Charlie agains the morning rays; a beauty. Good to find new tracks to keep you fresh for new adventures. Training sounds to be going v well - you guys doing Wharfedale this year?

kate said...

that's a great shot of charlie. and like you say a great route. might you be tempted to finish with the 'controversial' down and up to ringing rodger, certainly one to test mashed quads ;)

holliedonaghue said...

you are wasted in advertising, should be a journalist/rural photo taker :)

sbrt said...

Cracking photo, great route and a treat to see a mountain hare.

It made me smile that for you and Charlie it was just a training run. After the Skyline race last month i was absolutely kippered.

I guess for ultra runners like you its just a short morning trot.

ultra collie said...

rb..probably not..its a no dogs allowed race now :(

kate..might be ;) flattered

steve..dont let us kid probably went round twice as fast..but we could have gone round again mind ;)

Hayfella said...

Hi uc: His nibs looks in fine racing fettle! Good-looking route and great shots.

shaun said...

great blog just found this really inspiring stuff,love it!!from one dog runner to another

Julie said...

Hi David,
Wow, impressive pictures as always! Your running routes are always so beautiful! Charlie is looking good too! I took a little break from blogging but have missed reading your posts!

Take care and have a fantastic weekend!