Thursday, 7 July 2011

no time for over analysis

osmotherley? pass. next please.
sometimes when stuff doesn't work out or go as you planned and imagined, for whatever number of reasons, you've just got to regroup, dig deep and move on.
the naked truth can be ugly
i need to rediscover the beautiful truth
with the truth of being unprepared for the upcoming lakeland 50, that's all i have to say right now. either a great experience awaits or one of titanic proportions. i've three weeks to mend things


kate said...

yeh, navel gazing is overrated. just a load of old belly button fluff. 3 weeks is loads of time to get your head straight....the prospect of a lovely long day out in the lakeland fells, beer and cake at the end and charlie by your side-what could be better than that :) like you said, you run for fun and i have every confidence in you and i can assure you that it will be ace fun!

aka Johny Smash said...

the titanic proportions stuff is often as good as the other stuff but I'm certain you're onto this already ;-)

col said...

safety pin and myself are doing 100 and would be grateful for a beer drinking companion afterwards

Johann said...

Just go and enjoy yourself. The adventure should be great. When you look back one day you'll know it was worth it.

Emma said...

what they said... :-)
or I beleive the latest phraseology is 'man up' ?!? ;-)

sbrt said...

Looking forward to your write up of how well the Lakeland 50 went.

Start thinking up the superlatives =)

Ali said...

the bad days come and go, Dave. you'll be fine on the Lakeland 50 - just take it easy and enjoy the day. no point worrying about things that haven't happened.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

I'm sure your back on track by now CD. But if further motivation is needed, I'll buy you a pint when we finish our respective Lake District ultra's ;¬)

Mike said...

Well, I had a tragedy of Greek Proportions when every aspect of hydration / fuelling went broadside. I faced my demons climbing Trennet Bank then on the long way home at various points I considered quiting, taking the short 26 mile route back or just plain sitting down. However, it was a beautiful day, with lovely views over my home county so I decided to just get back.

And, when better times present themselves, as they will, life becomes childs play.

Have a terrific Lakeland.

Good luck Mike

ultra collie said...

kate..cake at the end? i'll save it for you :)

aka js..part of running lifes rich tapestry yes

col..great. see you up there. probably around haweswater first. good luck. hope your prep's going well

johann..wise words

emma..that's me told..i'm manning up've got me onto something now..cheers

ali..thanks also're on..bluebird it is! see you en route

mike..cheers and see you around one day

JessiePants said...

I'm terribly late with this one, but I'll be thinking of you. 3 weeks, you can do amazing things!