Monday, 19 November 2012


27.5+ miles (and around 3500ft) around grizedale MUT forest then down to windermere and back...technically then thats an ultra though perhaps not in the true spirit of things

suffice to say we had a great day. best described as a trail of two halves. the first loop (12m) round the forest was relatively easy and quick running on forest trails. the second by contrast totally different..more technical rock strewn trails (some very slippy and muddy), muddy fields and a bit of road t'boot..and so decidedly harder (and slower)

a great event organised and run by a truly great bunch of smiley people. and to top it all the best chicken and peanut soup in the world at the end

his nibs on uncontrollable form..i think he needs an equally lengthy warm up to knock the edge of him! and he had his admirers...'that's a proper dog that is'..i think charlie could lipread the guy ;-)

take a look...

..what's there not to like!


Debs M-C said...

Now that's a view! Well done.

sbrt said...

Glad you are back on form mate

Emma said...

did i read that right....chicken
peanut?? in a soup?!? :-O

ultra collie said...'ll see lots like that next july :)

sbrt..cheers mate

emma..its gorgeous..honest..available at sainsburys etc by glorious..try might just love it too (unless you're a veggie)