Wednesday, 24 September 2008

September 24th 2008

it's been 4 days since we ran the high peak 40 and 18 days since running the bullock smithy (53 miles). i was flawed running the two so close to each other whereas charlie spent the next day brushing up on his football dribbling skills in the field. just watching him made me feel even more exhausted.

we did the bullock smithy in 14hrs57minutes landing back at the finish at 2.57am! and the hp40 (or should i say high peak 42 after taking a wrong and costly turn near the end) in 9hrs23mins. the thing is whilst you can tell i'd run that distance, charlie flies round like a spring chicken.

his secret? he's fed flapjack all the way round. sainsbury's all butter flapjack to be precise. stop feeding him it and he stops running (well almost).

2008 has been a great year so far for both of us. we've done some spectactular runs, seen some awe inspiring places and not got lost too many times.

our longest this year has been the bullock smithy but perhaps the best was the highland fling in scotland. 53miles of fantastic running. charlie even got his own medal (i kept the champagne).

other races we've loved doing are the wuthering hike, osmotherley phoenix, wharfdale marathon, kipling kaper, that's lyth.

the summer hols were spent coastal running in cornwall and mountain/fell running in the lakes - its a toss up between who has the best beer but i'd put my money on cumberland ale everytime for post run refreshment.

we're having a few days off then training starts for snowdon marathon..the only race i run without charlie (charlie sulks at thought).


lunaman said...

top blogging Charlie! I love those flapjacks too, so good to know the experts use them.

ultra collie said...

a dog after your own heart luna man!

kate said...

i came across your blog via runners world forum.

i could barely walk after the high peak 40-can't believe that you did that after the bullock smithy. amazing!

look forward hearing about your further adventures...