Thursday, 25 September 2008

The ultra running collie Oscars - people i need to thank

To get to where we are today has been down to peoples support, advice, help or just ...whatever. so here's a roll call of some of the people along the way (so far)

my wife and kids for supporting us through the highs and lows and allowing us 'out' for hours and hours, if not days at a time

steve 'coniston 14' jones for mugging me into my first ever race

kev 'modest' mckay for all the top quality advice, support and total positivity (even when i ran badly)

charlie 1 for being my buddy and running with me in the early days (luckily he didn't have to run ultra mileage)

steve 'i'm putting on weight' mees for opening up the derbyshire peaks to me and his patience in showing me how to read a map and use a compass

laura 'gosh' hey - running brought us together but getting caught kissing pulled us apart

steve 'yes mate' hall for making me run faster than i want to on club night

dave 'coach' owen for saying well done when you've finished the session (even if you haven't done well)

michael 'honey monster' honey for fixing me up when injured

judith cooper for the massage pain trying to keep me injury free

steve 'zodiac' daniels for general mad ramblings and funny stories

simon, kirsten and kate bailey (all quite 'handy' runners) for getting me thinking about fell running in the first place

all the forumites for having great craic with and running with at various races (fellrunner, t rex, safety pin, phil / col / mark (safety pins mates), nurse gladys, froghopper, nottso, britnick, luna man (who inspired me to set up this blog, so blame him), run gary run, still dreaming, clairster, warfdale plodder, pete waywell, mrf, jim noone, caterpillar girl, valley runner, ru and many more (sorry if i've forgotten anybody)

charlie 2 for being the best running buddy i could ever wish for. without him running ultras would never have happened

sainsburys for the 'all butter flapjack' that keeps charlie motoring


Hippo said...

Great blog, Will have to introduce Charlie to Lucy sometime. Lucy is our 9m old Border Collie and is up to about 6m XC now. Hoping to get her on an ultra or two eventually. Our old Collie (17 when we lost her) did some in her youth in the Peak and in the Lakes

ultra collie said...

hello hippo
hope to see lucy out and about on our travels..maybe at an ultra when she's old enough