Thursday, 9 October 2008

its been a quite couple of weeks for charlie. he's having a bit of a rest from all this long stuff and honing his footie skills (video to follow soon). i've been doing a few sessions for snowdon marathon including a 17m road run and hated it!!! so it all off road here on in. sod the tarmac..its boring and it hurts.

tomorrow im running into work - a nice little 18 miler - and i think charlie will be leading the way

after snowdon we're off again - six dales ldwa in november (a mere 25m) then its round rotherham (of all places) - a gentle pre-xmas 50miler. better stock up on the flapjack for the pooch hadn't i!

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jumbly said...

Oooh just found your blog from your comment on Kates blog, I love the idea that Charlie fueled by flapjack is an ultra-runner. Does he run on a lead or loose?