Wednesday, 29 October 2008

one for the road

running solo and on the road at the same time are as rare as methodists at a beer festival for me.

but just once a year i go back to where my long distance running really started - snowdon marathon. fantastic in so many ways. it has a quirkiness about it to make it worth battering your limbs on the tarmac for 25 miles (1.2miles is off road thankfully). starting in a usually boggy field with a start line that would befit a craggy island race with father ted, it has ups , downs, great scenery, gales and driving rain and a killer hill at the end just for good measure.

this year i managed 4.07, 15mins quicker than last year and 32 minutes quicker than 3 years ago. hopefuly next year i'll break the elusive snowdon 4hr barrier.

in the meantime, it time to unleash my pooch out onto the countryside once more..maybe the roaches fell race in a week, definitely the six dales circuit in 2 weeks. bring em on.


kate said...

good effort!
is that you running bear foot?

ultra collie said...

crikey no
he must have built in heat generators. it was cold enough without running without socks and shoes.

lunaman said...

I've just stopped by to invite you to my methodist beer festival :-)
This was a very tough race for me this year - glad you enjoyed it and shame Charlie had to miss out.