Friday, 10 October 2008

5am there's nobody around (actually where we live there's few folk around anyway at anytime) but the odd bit of wildlife caught in the line of my head torch (charlie has a flashing disco light collar for early morning / dark night sortees so i can see where the heck he is).

its 17+miles into work mainly along the canal which means charlie has total freedom to follow scents, jape around and roll in any old muck he can lay his snout on. gorgeous morning with light breaking around 6.45. todays run in seemed to pass quickly though we didn't run it any quicker than usual..funny isn't it?

anyway, our timing into work was spot on as breakfast was being served so charlie treated himself to a mammoth sausage buttie...good reward for the early morning effort.


lunaman said...

that looks an amazing run into work! Must almost make working worthwhile. My trip to work involves opening a door, walking across a hall, and opening another door. Not very scenic.

kate said...

please tell me that you don't run home as well!

ultra collie said...

how did you do at langdale horseshoe kate?
btw do you know of the fell races coming up round here? - passing clouds and roaches? both good run outs. you may have done them before

kate said...

langdale is a great race-my favourite so far. don't know of anymore races apart from those that you've mentioned. i might do the tour of pendle in nov-but that's hardly local! do you run with a club?

ultra collie said...

six dales is 10th november..same day as roaches fell race. i'll toss a coin.
i'm a member of staffs moorlands and train on a tuesday there but dont run for them / wear a vest. my club is me and charlie i guess. he doesn't give me an hassle/ headaches etc