Sunday, 7 March 2010

C2C team outing

today saw the first official outing of our c2c, richard, guy and his nibs

i guess we've all got different experiences behind us so today was hopefully there as a good taster for each of us regardless of what we'd done previously

in the end it was a belting day..crisp blue skies, warm (relatively) in the sun, chilly in the shade, running on everything from ice to snow drifts to rocks to mud.the lot really

we did a 5.5 hr trip from macc forest up to shuttlingsloe, over to the cat n fiddle, round goyt valley, down to lambaload reservoir and back to base. a cracking, if challenging, outing and one to set the context for certainly the first few days of the c2c.

to cut to the quip..all returned well having enjoyed a top time though i'm struggling to see charlie make the big week

and with that piece of news, though not new i guess, i'm questioning my running going forwards. he's been my inspiration and it might just be that i take the lad on runs of say 3 hrs max..and with that i may end my ultras and just run as the free spirit im becoming..doing what i like when i like..but with his nibs

in the meantime, i cant really let the two-legged side down as i was the one who suggested it in the first place!

should have kept my big gob shut!!


Andrew said...

free spirit - i like it, thats the way we run, no training program and no pressures, just enjoying the freedom of running and the ability to run.

kate said...

sad news for charlie, missing out on a holiday and all. it sounds like you've really been enjoying your running recently and as long as you and charlie can keep doing that, that's all that matters-not time or distance.

....or you need to get a bit quicker. think how far you could go in 3hrs at runningbear's pace ;)

Julie said...

Hey, welcome back!! I was starting to worry about you! Wow, you sure tackled a challenging run! I don't know how you do it! I agree with Kate...Runningbears speedy pace is crazy fast:) I can only dream of running half as fast as her:)

Glad that you are back to bloggy land! Have an excellent week and give Charlie a pat for me:)

ultra collie said...

andrew - i guessed that was your approach

kate - i can do rb's 22m pace..over 200m

julie - hi. rb is in a class of her own..shes a real talent

4 Winds said...

Good shot urc. Makes me want to kit up and get out! There's a lot to be said for running for the sake of it - every now and again I'll set off over the moor and just make up my route as I go along. Good for the soul!

sbrt said...

Beautiful day for a run.

We finaly managed to do the Macc forrest Mini MM. 3rd time lucky.

Hayfella said...

Free-spirit running. There's a book / DVD / training regime in there. Your fortune awaits. It's the right thing for Charlie. Enjoy.

PS. The word verification for this comment is 'egiscids'. Nasty underpant image there eh!

ultra collie said...

4 winds - lot to be said for making it up as you go along

sbrt - i thought you might have been there..we saw the signs

hf - now theres an idea! but if its all about free running it wouldnt have much content would it!

Christine said...

Hi David
Feeling shattered just reading your blog!! Wish we had known you were in the lakes, we would have come over for a day. Hope you are all well. Love C xx