Sunday, 21 March 2010

moody britain, happiness, and the unexpected horror

moody britain

after a lovely warm week the weather up top yesterday reverted back to what i refer to as a 'lake district day' .. low cloud, poor visibility, rain, heavy at times. it was like this for most of our outing..a 6.5hr trip using the gritstone trail from rushton over to teggs nose, round the top of macc forest and back (a great and at times strenuous route).

(moles were having a field day too..pun intended)

not sure if its something odd about me but i actually enjoy the atmosphere and moodiness of days like these. they make the routes seem even more desolate and remote somehow.


i felt good most of the way round but at one point started to feel physically and emotionally low..why was i putting myself through this i would say. cue what britnick calls 'the elixir of the long distance runner'

a bottle of this and then !!!!!!!!!!!! twenty minutes later the low dissapeared and i felt sheer happiness mentally and physically (im a sucker for subliminal advertising messages)

the boy wonder had a happy run too, fuelled by flapjack, half of my pasty and crumble slice. he had no problems whatsoever, full of fire and probably covering twice my distance at twice my pace (not hard to achieve)

(look, not a bead of sweat on him afterwards)

the unexpected horror

before setting out i lubed up my feet as usual (they came back in on piece despite being wet from nearly the outset) and a little 'elsewhere'. without giving too much detail i started to feel a little uncomfortable in places about half way round but it wasn't until i got home and undressed that i discoverd the full extent of the damage from my underpants and my backpack :-0
i'll spare you the photographic eveidence. as you can imagine it wasn't pretty. and it stung , and still does like buggery (though im merely borrowing that phrase not having had first hand experience of what that might actually feel like).
if i had to run today it would be sore but i definitely couldn't use a backpack.
i think im going to need pots and pots of vaseline if im going to get across britain with a pack on my back..a bumbag wont be big enough for each unsupported leg.

maybe i could get charlie to carry my there's a thought


Deek said...

Skins tights/shorts, OMM ultra waist pack and last drop pack combo - stopped all my chafing problems - worth a look imho

Runningbear said...

Ooch and yikes.. you need to grow a bit of a furry coat and protect those extra soft vulnerable bits.

Lovely pick of Charlie btw.

kate said...

i ended up spending nearly £40 on one bra to stop my chaffing issues...but i don't think that would help you ;)

Deek said...

LOL - chafed man boobs - if that ever happened I would have to jump off the nearest bridge lol

sbrt said...


Chaffin is no laffin matter.

Unless its in an embarrassing place and on someone else.

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
Oh man, sorry about your ouchy:( Do you ever use body glide before you go out?

I love the picture...keep posting pictures of where you run!! I love seeing where you and Charlie do your stomping:)

That is a fantastic picture of Charlie...such a cute face! Look at must be so hard to get mad at him with those sweet and happy eyes:) Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

mialena said...

Ouch! Yep stock up on the vaseline - I've not really experienced that kind of chafing and am very pleased I haven't!

I love the pic of Charlie - and his expression! :)

Oh and I'm jealous of your moody weather. It's just snowed here. Again!

Drunkeneuphoria said...

I also like "moody" britain. A long run on a moody day feels that bit harder worked and makes you appreciate the days when the great views aren't obscurred by rain or fog.

Hope the "tender" areas start to sort quick. The skin will probably toughen up if put under such strain regularly.

Nick said...
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Andrew said...

I use a 25l omm pack, it's the best pack i've had. Hows the rucky chucky's?

hollie said...

thank you very much for your sympathetic gestures..the heat has died down today..all caused by material friction not skin on skin

will try body glide instead of vaseline thanks julie

andrew - ruckys did well..not sure how comfortable over 50+ miles are yours?

Anonymous said...

Hi, I am an artist in Australia beginning a photographic project involving Ultra Runners, and I would really like you to be involved.

If you are interested, please email me at so I can get back to you privately.




Question is what did you have in the sack CD?

Hayfella said...

Sir, I wish to protest about your vile slur on the Lakes' special microclimate. You've described a perfectly lovely day. Any more of that and the rebukes will get stiffer. Harrumph.
Col. Dicky Hayfella.Retd

ultra collie said...

kistyhulm - i'll be in touch

book - thanks!

ptr - you'll have to look in for yourself

hf - soory to blight your manor..all done in the best possible taste