Sunday, 18 July 2010

running high interrupted

yesterday we had a great run, our first outing of any real distance since the coast to coast. i was on a high, a bloody massive high. but today is a different story.

ahead of next weeks lakeland 50 i thought it would be good to recce the last 17 miles, some of which im guessing we'll be running in the dark on the day.

having been in a bit of a post c2c 'what next? if anything' dip, it was great to feel the thrill and excitement of being out there amongst it all again. just me, the pooch and a little adventure to be immersed in once again.
i was a little worried beforehand that it might feel like a chore. it turned out to be totally the opposite.

it lashed it down, i got drenched. the trails were flooded, my feet soaked very early on but it was brilliant! i took a very quick and very unexpected tumble onto my backside and laughed..i think charlie laughed too.

the whole place, shrouded in low menacing dark cloud and moody vistas of falling rain, provided an atmosphere so unique to the lake district

i feel i've finally got the real adventure bug..i finally feel i have the fitness and the confidence to go out there and have a proper blast. it feels so liberating and energising.

once in coniston, having started in ambleside, we bussed back and eat raldiss's infamous lamb and mint pies to refuel. the bus driver deserves an he managed to get that huge beast round the tight lanes whilst negociating with less than cooperative tourist cars is beyond me

i bought charlie a little thank you present too..though i reckon the ham sandwich he had once back in ambleside was more welcome!
homewardbound we popped by for a cup of tea at hayfella's and mrs hayfella. it was lovely to see them in their new lovely abode..hopefully he'll be back in his innov8's in the not too distant future

and so to today.
at 1am last night we were knocked up with banging at the door. it was our neighbours, yelling frantically. one of our barns was ablaze. fortunately they heard / seen it in time before it spread to the other barn with the horses in.
the fire engines pitched up and battled with the inferno for a couple of hours. no lives lost thank god, but my 46 year old tractor and loyal servant, little blue, perished along with 150 bales of hay and 12 large bales of haylage. karen's horse trailer was rescued having partially melted in places. the firemen were superb. but thanks goes out to our neighbours, the shribmans, who in effect saved the lives of our two lovely irish boys. its a sorry sight down there today. the clearup will probably start tomorrow. but to borrow a cliche..we count our lucky stars


4 Winds said...

Crickey! Like you say, nobody or nothing died and the rest is just stuff.

kate said...

blimey, fitness AND confidence ;) seriously though, so glad to hear the fire was caught no animals harmed. take care.

Andrew said...

Sorry to hear about the fire,glad to see nobody was harmed. Good luck in the lakeland 50, gutted i can't make it, it would have been nice to meet you and charlie, still theres allways next year.

sbrt said...

Scary. thankfully no one hurt.

All the best

Hayfella said...

Blimey! Your life is like an episode of the Archers. Glad nobody hurt, but sorry about little blue.

Anonymous said...


Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
I am so sorry to hear about the fire. I am glad that you and your family are safe....Charlie and animals included.

You have a wonderful post filled with fantastic pictures:) Thanks for the great shots of Charlie! I can tell that he is happy and well cared for:) He is smiling in all of your pics!

Good luck with your upcoming race! Looking forward to another great race report and pics!

ultra collie said...

thanks very much for everyone's good wishes, much appreciated. i feel my blog should have a rounded feel to it..good stuff or bad..but its all relative as we know. cheers!

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Hi UC, really enojeyed your recce report, day and area captured perfectly. So sorry to hear about the fire and aftermath. Its not fair that such things should interrupt the memory of an otherwise good day. Your very upbeat about this, which is the best way to be.