Sunday, 25 July 2010

stick or twist?

right guys..prior to doing the lakeland 50 yesterday (though finishing today) i started banging on about doing the fully monty ie the utld100 next year. having just done the 50 im now not so sure. put it this way..if , as i entered the finish area somebody said 'right off you it all again' would i have been willing? no. able? no. so why should i think that with another 12 months training things could change so dramatically? and i'd be running it only partly with my sidekick which wont be the same. the jury's out. watch this space.

so to this years 50.

firstly, to folk i know..great to see britnick, claire, danny (from a distance), will, kate (hope the ankle is on the mend), and my good mate part time runner (purveyor of fine tentside teas and ale). and to all the new friends we met alomg the way. and to'll be back i know it.

secondly, to the organisers marc, terry and all the plethora of support crew..thanks a million. what a top event. really. it must require a masters in logistics. that said, i think the initial four mile loop could be better spent on the fells round high raise/street area than round the estate..for what its worth.

thirdly, to all the randomly located supporters and all the people of support and a great reception for which we're mega grateful

fourthly, i had a decent outing..finishing in the top half..would you believe it! but more importantly had a good back end over the last 17 or so miles largely in the dark from ambleside to consiston..leading a pack of runners that didnt know the route..i have my uses i guess

and finally, but most the first dog* home...what an absolute superstar, inspiration and utter joy to run with. terry, the race director, gave the lad his moment of glory announcing his finish (and win) to all! as always, he made friends with lots of folk during the run..a true 4-legged legend if ever there was one

*(what he ate along the way..1.5 cornish pasties, 10 sticks of flapjack, 2 slices buttered soreen, 2.5 bowls beef stew, a dog treat from kate and gerraint, and x litres of water fresh from the fells)


Karen said...

you and charlie are absolutely brilliant!! we are so proud of you both - what a stirling achievement! whats next?????

Andrew said...

Well done, all over the weekend i was keeping up with the results on the website. Really gutted i could'nt make it, wish i did now after reading about you leading a pack of runnesr over the final stages. Next year is a must, me and the jaspernaught are planning a visit in sept some time.

Julie said...

Congrats to you and Charlie on another amazing finish! I love the picture of the glass of beer and Charlie:) When I saw it....I got the biggest smile on my face!

Have a wonderful week!

ultra collie said...

kd - er i wake..the 100??

andrew - i think you might like it a little bit

julie - after a few of those i hada similar smile too!

sbrt said...

Well done. Charlie is lucky to have such a good pacer/support runner.

Did Charle get winners Champagne or Cumberland Ale?

ultra collie said...

sbrt - thanks. no cumberland ale but he did have cumberland sausage

Runningbear said...

Well done Charlie and to you too sidekick ;)

You should have won first pooch home... but no doggy prizes?! Sounds like he bagged a fair few snacks along the way. He's clearly got his fuelling down to a T.

Well done you too... 100 would be a nice round target. RB.

kate said...

top stuff! was looking at your progress with the live updates, with a tinge of jealousy. what i want to know is what did you eat?! look forward to reading about your 100m decision making progress ;)

...are you doing the belper 30km?

ultra collie said...

rb - thanks. round target? round the bend more like

kate - watching my progress..patience of a saint;-). i ate the dog's leftovers.the decision is made..there could only be one outcome..
i do like belper but im not equipped for sprint distances right now ;-)
hp40 for you guys?

kate said...

no hp40-a friends hen do and their wedding's also on the omm weekend. very inconsiderate.

come to belper, a nice little training jog for you ;)

Nick said...

It was great to see you overtake me above Haweswater. I heard the tinkle of a dog tag approaching from behind and I knew it could mean only one thing. I wasn't wrong.
Well done with your respectable finish. That C2C has certainly got you fit. I'm sorry I was so slow that I didn't catch you at the finish.

ultra collie said...

nick..was great to see you. well done on your awesome 100..respect! im just loving it all again this year..any performance is merely as a much more to come from us yet in the fun adventure department

clairster said...

top running dave and charlie :)
see you next year (but hopefully before!!) when you will hammer the 100 and I will wreak my revenge on the 50 :)

ultra collie said...

clairster - great to see you there minus watch but plus bumps, bruises and chance of me even hammering a nail let alone the 100 but i'll be setting out to complete it. see you around.

ultra collie said...

will the chinese people please bugger off and stop trying to infiltrate sites like this with their low life filth..even charlie is disgusted
does anyone know how to block them at all?