Monday, 9 August 2010

wansfell pike

great things come in small parcels
or so the saying, or a derative of it, goes
for me, this short run ranks way above any other i know of

start at the low wood hotel on windermere
run uphill for around 2.5 miles and 1400ft up to wansfell pike
do not disturb fell ponies as you pass

get to cairn, in the clag, out of breath for photoshoot opportunities

pause for more breath, taking close in shot of upper cairn

start descent of 1400ft over 2.5 miles
run for your life on bottom fields
way faster than feels safe
legs can hardly keep the pace gravity demands
so fast its totally liberating

brake before kissing gate
compose oneself
walk through gate, back to 'civilisation', wearing a massive grin

love it

nice one charlie


Drunkeneuphoria said...

Beats any short run in my immeadiate area for hills ;¬)

Julie said...

Hi Ultra Collie,
It looks like you had a challenging short run! Running up hill I know I woud of been sucking air! Running down hill must of been you said...liberating:)

Great got one of Charlie too:)

Hayfella said...

Does having Wansfell to one's self make it Onesfell? Gorgeous route; it works in mist or great vis.

kate said...

just lovely :)

sbrt said...

Good stuff

Karen said...

wow it looked so much different from the bedroom window ;)
going back soon ???? x