Monday, 13 September 2010

one step beyond (OMG)

the entry is in
the date is set
now we (me and raldiss) have just over 10 months to get ourselves into the kinda shape needed to get round the UTLD100


(and in case you're wondering, my 4 legged sidekick will be doing all the training/recceing and then nearer the time we'll take a call on how much of the 100 he'll do, subject to logistics of drop off / pick up pooch points)


Runningbear said...

OMG!! Woohoo! 100 miles!?!? How on earth do you train for that? Makes a marathon look rather pathetic.

kate said...

brilliant!! that's gonna be a LOT of crisps and coke. look forward to following your tails-see what i did there ;) of adventure and training

Julie said... right!! Only you and Charlie! Why am I not surprised? You have ten months to train for this baby! No can do it:)

4 Winds said...

Much repsect :-)

sbrt said...


ultra collie said...

rb - was hoping you or someone could answer that one!

kate - sunday night at the palladium beckons for you ;-)
as does your entry

julie - yes, 10 months, 100 miles..a deliberate numerical theme there

4winds - there's a lot of miles to bag now. and for you too

sbrt- can we not tempt you? 50 maybe?

Hayfella said...

Brilliant! Better stock up on head torch batteries for all that training. You'll love it.

ultra collie said...

hf - hope you might make it out with us for a recce or two

Karen said...

go for it!! Loving the enthusiasm, dread to think what the toe nails will end up like ater 100 miles...;) XX

Jess said...

TOO EXCITING! Look forward to following your training for that!

Johann said...

Fantastic! Go for it! Do the work and you'll do great on race day. Very exciting!

ultra collie said...

karen..i only currently have 7 decent ones to go at!!

jess - exciting in a scary way!

johann - hi, thanks and welcome to our little world

Drunkeneuphoria said...

About time too ;¬)