Thursday, 30 September 2010

keep off the moors...

..stick to the roads

0530. its pitch black outside. and a pea souper. so it's on with the headtorch and charlie's flashing collar

out we head. into the thick of it. i can bearly see a thing. i see things only once I'm on top of them. my light illuminating only the nearest vapour drops flying through the air at me.

we leave the road. charlie goes off lead, into the darkness

the occasional moth divebombs my face
im garrotted time and time again by low lying cobweb lines
as i pass the lake a kerfuffle someone in there trying to bag wild ducks?? i can't see, only hear. whatever it is im not hanging round to find out so i put my foot down
every so often i call out for charlie, just to check he's still around and we're agreed on the route
a light in the distance comes closer. a cyclist. i bid good morning as we pass. no reply. not even a mad ha ha ha laugh, grim reaper style. i pick up the pace again to make good our getaway.
gradually the dark fades, the fog starts to lift
we enter a field. charlie sends rabbits scattering in every direction.
the bullocks stir, their eyes lit up by my torch, their minds lit up by charlie. time to get the lad to heel
soon we're home. no sign of life yet apart from sid sat by the back door awaiting his breakfast munchies

so here we are again, another 5 months plus of this until spring, and its light mornings, comes and visits us once again

if you can't change something, embace it


Andy Bowen said...

Beware the full moon!

Great movie featuring a young Rik Mayall.

We're just coming into summer down here, so my morning runs are now almost light - but it's still no easier hearing the alarm at 4:50am.

Enjoy the cool fresh air (I kind of miss it, but not so much to move back!)


Karen said...

Sounds scary, you should have waited for the sun to come out,just like I have ;)

Julie said...

For God sake, please be careful out there when it is dark like that. I know that you and Charlie are studs and all...but just don't trip on something and hurt yourself!

The daylight is getting shorter with each day:( It is sad but I agree with you that we should embrace it!

I hope that you and Charlie are having a great week:) Take care!

4 Winds said...

I love night runs on the moor. Can get a bit spooky at times which sounds daft in the light of day. Shame about the miserable (ghostly?) bikelist. Cue X-files music.................

Debbie Martin-Consani said...

I love autumn. Fingers crossed the winter's kinder than last year.

Say Hi to Charlie for me :-)

kate said...

brilliant stuff uc. right, i'm charing my lights and getting out there :)

ultra collie said...

andy - hi and ex-pat now enjoying better climes..i'd miss our daft seasons

k - slacker ;-)

julie - no point in holding back when its all out there to be enjoyed!

4winds - 'spooky' pun intended??

debs - lovely to hear from you..hope you guys are well..are you flinging it again?

kate - call me mr inspirer ;-)
whats your poison..every ready or duracell?

Julie said...

Thanks for the advice! I will keep everything you suggested in the back of my mind:)

sbrt said...

Nettles dying off =)
Long dark nights:(

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Amen, love dark running! Though I know there isn't much out there that can do me harm, it doesn't stop me being scaredof the odd noises from the bushes, glowing eyes, etc.....

ultra collie said...

sbrt- =running like a mushroom

de - good reaon to keep the pace up!

chris mcpeake said...

Got to love running in the dark. great blog

Hayfella said...

Great blog. Proper training. Can't wait to get back out with headtorch, greeny-eyed sheep and spooky owls again...

Andy Bowen said...

Forgot to mention that if you favour running in the dark, I've written a blog posting about it in July (the middle of our winter, if you can call 18c overnight temps winter!)

Have a look

ultra collie said...

chris - hello and thanks!

hf - did it all again this morning..thick fog groundhog style

andy - cheers i'll have a read..its not cold yet but will ve soon :-0

Ali said...

Just been out for my first run in the dark of this season - more bats than moths tonight. Are there any ultras held entirely in the dark e.g. 40 miles starting at 8pm in October? There should be.

Johann said...

Lovely post, you are right, embrace! We into spring as well here in SA. My morning runs are finally getting light again. Run safe!

kizzy said...

Love this line from you; if you can't change something, embace it
--Life is a constant change.
five fingers

kate said...

why the silence uc? hope all is well and you're busy with four legged adventures and family fun :)

ultra collie said...

ali - sometimes with my past navving errors some races might have well as been!

johann - envious me? no ;-)

kizzy - what are you flogging me ;-)

kate - im this space