Monday, 6 December 2010

temporarily sidelined

whilst we've got all this lovely freezing weather, a bout of man flu has curtailed any outings for the past four days. and in just these four little days its amazing how quickly doubts can form in your mind...suddenly i'm questioning my chances of running a race that's 8 months away! madness.

anyway, im hoping i'll pass my fitness test tomorrow morning and get back out in it.

as you can see his nibs is still in chipper spirits, oblivious to any of the mind wobbles i may be having

(photo and outing courtesy of mrs uc..thanks)


Johann said...

Hope you get over this soon! Splendid photo!

Julie said...

Bummer about getting the flu! I am sorry, I hate getting sick and feel for you. I hope your little fit test goes well and that you will be back in action soon.

I love the picture of Charlie rolling around in the snow:) He is such a happy dog!!

Have a fantastic week!

Emma said...

I feel your pain, after being ill with some weird virusy thing last weekend, I now have 'woman flu' clearly no where near as serious or debilitating as 'man flu' but all the same I raise my lemip to ya!! ;-)

get well soon

*charlie, how DO you cope*?!!

kate said...

i have total faith in both you for the 100. hope you pass fitness test and are back on your feet soon :)

4 Winds said...

Tis a medical fact that bloke colds are the worst sort. Get well soon and take it easy! (yeah, right......)


chris mcpeake said...

Hope you recover soon. Good luck

ultra collie said...

cheers guys. a few night nurses on and i think today's the day to return out to the icy artic outings..if i can get down the ice rink that has formed on our drive :-0

sbrt said...

You could practice carbo loading instead.
I hear pies and beer is very calorific =)