Sunday, 28 November 2010

all i want for christmas...

fantastic freezing cold weather here, especially the higher up you go.the wind chill factor really kicked in yesterday so it was full on full body cover on our 21.5m outing

up to 'the cloud' first

the river dane is full flow

ferrel goats keeping a watchful eye on his nibs


hen cloud in all its glory

so to answer my question..all i want for christmas is a little compact camera..i wonder if santa reads this blog? or even mrs uc ;-)

what does everyone else want?


Julie said...

Yikes, it looks cold there too! Lovely pictures of your outing with Charlie:) I wish I was wearing that face mask for my race this morning:) I could of used it for sure.

Good luck with getting the new compact camera for Christmas. Hopefully Santa is reading:)

Ali said...

Looks like one of those days that makes you glad you are a runner. The photo of Hen Cloud and that snow covered path makes me want to go running.

4 Winds said...

I use a Canon Ixus 70 which I've had for 3 years (I think) and is top kit. There's a silly mp Canon in an advert on the telly (the one with Edith Bowman doing the voice-over) for £99. Can't go wrong.

I want world peace and Exeter Chiefs to finish the year in the top 4 ;-)

sbrt said...

Good stuff

I have been v happy with an olympus mju 850. Not that cheap but waterproof, shockproof, lightish and easy to use.
We bought it after mrs sbrt drowned our last camera.

What camera have you asked santa for?

ultra collie said...

thanks for all your camera recommendations.i'd just like something that takes better shots than my phone. i'm a simple lad at heart

kate said...

i've got a sony Cyber-shot DSC-W110. i keep it in a sandwich bag and take it everywhere-but i guess you know that ;) it's survived everything, highly recommended.

Hayfella said...

Gorgeous stuff uc, and good quality mileage too. I love my little Nikon Coolpix S220. Just wave it in the general direction, press the tit and hey presto, better shots than I ever deserve.

ultra collie said...

decisions decisions
think mrs uc has found a good one for me

Johann said...

Fantastic photos of your cold run! I wonder how my body will react to weather like that. You are brave! Hope you get that camera, I saw this nice backpack that includes a 2 liter hydration pack.

Emma said...

did you take the picture of the river on your phone? It's fab :-) Love the one of 'chicken Hill' too takes me back to passing clouds!

I had a great little compact camera (it was also in the car that got nicked) so am after a new one too, let me know what you get, are you going for one on a mega pixel rating or zoom or other feature? Quite a simple girl too, I just want my little pink one back! :-(