Monday, 8 November 2010

brilliant days

this was my first wholy self-indulgent UTLD100 training weekend up in the lakes. looking at what i packed you could have been forgiven for thinking i was actually heading up there for two weeks not two days..a minimalist i am not when it comes to that side of things
a 7am start and two hours later i was in retail therapy heaven at pete bland sports in kendal. i could have stayed there longer, spent more, but with a few new treats (ahem ..i mean essentials) it was a quick drive down to kentmere to meet my good friend meesy aka hayfella for a trip round the kentmere horseshoe, a lovely 13m rollercoaster route climbing around 3600ft
the skies were clear,the sun out,the shades on and we had a great was brilliant to catch up with steve..lots to chat about and after his op and recuperation i hope this was run proved to be a good rehab strategy. either that or he'll be cursing me today

(hayfella and his nibs)

(kentmere horseshoe looking pretty damn lovely)

we said farewell and i then headed off to my next 'appointment' down at wilfs cafe in staverley to discuss all things UTLD100
after a very inspiring chat and a few pots of tea it was off to the kings head in thirlmere..our chosen provider of sanctuary, fine ales and the best cumberland sausage and was absolutely brilliant
rising before breakfast for 'day two' they'd kindly put out a bit of continental fayre but forgotten a cereal bowl.improvisation was the order of the moment so there i was eating muselli out of a very large red wine glass..very posh if not a bit eccentric

our meet up point for the UTLD100 recce was right in front of this glorious autumnal view of windermere. a very familiar face and friend, simon aka safety pin, was there too plus a fellow forumite, denzel aka hot tub alci, and his dog meg

(windermere early morning)

today's little outing was to be a 28m, 6500ft recce from pooley bridge back over to ambleside. another sunny morning and the lakes looking its very best

the five of us, pooches included, ran together up to gatesgarth path, when hot tub alci got his secret weapons out (his poles) and powered on ahead, leaving me simon and charlie to continue alone

(safety pin..on our way up to high kop)

anyway, we had an absolute belter of a day (thanks to mark, terry, and the checkpoint folk..they do know how to organise stuff but moreso are just really nice guys too) and finished feeling very fresh, with thoughts of planning our next trip up.i was especially chuffed that id remembered the route and only had to reference the routebook a couple of times.

a pork pie and a pasty for charlie seemed good reward for a cracking day out..the boy's a star.

now where's that diary??


Karin said...

A wonderful blog! I run Ultras with my dog too! I have a dalmatian called Max. Due to a week heart he will not be joining me for ultras any longer but distances up to marathon is ok.

Your upcoming competition sounds great! I will actually check it out...

All the best!

ultra collie said...

karin..thank you! max sounds great..we'll check him out. and yes the lakeland 100 is fantastic..well the 50 was so im hoping the full one will be too

Hayfella said...

I'm in awe. I couldn't bloody move the day after! Fabulous, fabulous time though. Huge thanks. Glad you had two great days.

Julie said...

It looks like you had a beautiful day for getting out there for some big time training! Wow, gorgeous pictures, I really love the one with the water and the boats. It looks so peaceful:) Cheers to your brilliant days! Enjoy the week and tell Charlie I said hi:)

Simon said...

Great photos Dave though that one of me definitely spoils the view !

Really good day yesterday.Looking forward to getting up there again.


Johann said...

Now that is like running in heaven. Beautiful photos! Enjoy your training!

Karen said...

sounds and looks like you had a totally fantabulous weekend :)and already planning the next no doubt!! X

4 Winds said...

Inspiring stuff and awesome photos. Thanks for posting!


ultra collie said...

hayfella - ditto

julie - thanks

simon - yeah i agree..wouldn't sell many as postcards ;-)

johan - it was close to heaven height wise (sort of)

karen - thats my pass out then???

4winds - its all waiting for you

Stu Stod said...

Good weekend running there U.C.
I'm jealous, I wasn't out on the fells myself but hoping to get back up on Sunday.


Black Knight said...

I would like to have a dog to run with but I have too many cats: 3 at home and 4 in the garden.
Beautiful blog with great pictures.

sbrt said...

Great stuff David

I am sure Charlie would have leant you his bowl for your muesli.