Sunday, 14 November 2010

roaches rush hour

today started as a nice local, gentle 17+ miler to get my weekly total up into the 50's

there was a temp inversion and generally all was quiet, except for the odd uncontrollable dog we came across..people of britain,please pop 'em on leads if they take no notice of your 'commands'. thank you. rant over.
anyway it was a nice little trot out from home along rudyard lake to leek, round tittersworth and over to the ....uh oh its the roaches race today! not for the first time have i ventured over here on race day (remember hayfella?)

anyway i scootered through meerbrook just ahead of the start and by the time i got up the field i could see the leaders coming up..i suddenly felt like a fox being chased by the much-speedier hounds..and i'd already done 10 or so miles and besides in a race like that i'd be a back of pack runner anyway
it was all about how long i could go before the inevitable of the front end whippets would come flying past

the leader popped by us just before the trig...then within minutes a gradual trickle continued on by

it was really quite strange to be amidst a race without actually being a real competitor

anyway here's the really crazy thing...17.5 miles here, largely run in mostly slimy muddy fields, took more out of us both than last weekends 28 mile run over stoney mountain daft is that!


sbrt said...

Uc and Charlie, Race Photographers.

Are there no ends to your talents?

Sounds like a great way to spend a Sunday morning.

Johann said...

Great photos of the runners there! Looks really wet and muddy. I can see how it could drain your energy. Have a good week!

Ali said...

Mud and slime - sounds lovely. I suppose we all have to get used to that for the next four or five months.

Hayfella said...

Eee, t' bovine clartiness is all coming back to me!

ultra collie said...

sbrt..i was only photographers assistant ;-)

johann..the opposite to your clime right now

ali..thanks for the reminder!

hf..its vintage age by now..same old s***

Julie said...

Yay! I see a picture of my favorite ultra running collie:) Charlie looks great and has a smile in his eyes as always!

Thanks for sharing the pictures from the run. It looks like it is getting cooler there too. Stay warm and enjoy the rest of the weekend!