Monday, 1 November 2010

collie's roundup

pleased to say that week 1 of my utld100 training has passed without event and im still on track. with 39 more weeks of training to go and some big mileage ahead there are no heroics just yet, no fetes of massive human endeavour...just 53.5 miles in a variety of climatic conditions ranging from -5 to +15 degrees. all done in the glorious surroundings of autumnal technicolours, though most mornings in the pitch black.
this time im trying to be a good pupil this time round so i've even started putting tempo runs and hill reps back on the menu.
and i can't wait for the weekend (bouncing like tigger with giddiness)..a two day pass out to the lakes with his nibs..saturday with the my good friend hayfella around the kentmere horseshoe followed by a 26 mile recce on sunday of the 100 course from dalemain to ambleside..boing boing!


Julie said...

Good Lord, you already but in 53 miles this week!?! I am amazed at the insane amount of miles that you will need to put in for your upcoming Ultra! I have no doubt that your training will go well and you will be on track:) Nice work! Keep up the awesome training and have an excellent week!

Did Charlie join you on a few of your runs?

Ali said...

I was thinking that I could try and match your training plan, but one week in arrears. 53 miles this week? maybe not

how long until the utld?

kate said...

good stuff. pictures would also be appreciated, for those who no longer wear trainers.

...please be careful with hayfella ;)

ultra collie said...

julie..the boy does every mile..and more in?

kate..please start running again soon

Nick said...

You're sounding keen, UC. Have a good Lake District weekend and enjoy the recce. I'll be enjoying a
rare, restorative weekend off. (Now I must get around to entering that L100 thingy sometime.)

sbrt said...

Have a good weekend

ultra collie said...

yes nick..get your entry in

sbrt..i've written to santa btw