Monday, 28 February 2011

here comes the sun :)

finally, that great big ball of fire in the sky and clear blue skies decided to pay us all a visit this week (see proof below). to celebrate the occasion, and a couple of birthdays in the UC household, I decided to take a half day holiday and sneak a little run in, in shorts would you believe it!

maybe it was unofficially the first day of spring and the kick start required to get everything to start coming back to life again

the route was so good I decided to do it all again,and more, yesterday with raldiss. i'd guestimated off the top of my head it would be around 20 miles, in the end it was 24, which make it very pleasingly our longest outing this year so far. a row of 3 consecutive and rather brutal climbs towards the end ensured a tasty sting in the tail..all good training for the events coming our way soon. and charlie ate it up too without any difficulty which was reassuring to see

i can't wait now for light mornings and balmy evenings. it can only be all good.


Ali said...

It looks great UC - the arctic conditions must seem like a distant memory. You've got to love those routes that are so good you do them twice.

kate said...

no excuse for not getting the miles in when the weather's like that. happy birthdays to the uc household :)

sbrt said...

Sneeking off on a school day always makes it more fun.

Hayfella said...

Is this the earliest you've worn shorts?! Cracking looking run.

ultra collie said...

ali-lets hope we havent spoken too soon!
kate- thanks
sbrt- it feels so naughty..hookie days!
hf- my legs need to see sun now they've hibernated long enough

sbrt said...

Just remembered. When you mentioned spring last year a couple of days later it snowed.

ultra collie said...

sbrt-hmm..the weather is turning again :-/