Sunday, 13 February 2011

see the light

now that i've indulged myself in my previous post with a dusting of personal philosophy it's back to the nitty gritty

firstly, the magical mitts of mr michael honey @ trinity house in macc seem to have done the trick. he's an amazing physio and thanks to him any issues i encounter never become big ones. cheers mike!

so with near to full tendon recovery i thought it time to go longer. forecast sunny, we took off to the goyt valley with a 'make it up as you go route' in mind. it wasn't sunny but it was very wet, muddy, slippy and mysteriuosly beautiful as ever blessed with a heavy blanket of clag. and an early start means we get the place largely to ourselves bar any werewolves not yet in bed

as it went, our route, solely taking place around the goyt valley covered large parts of three local fell races - 'windgather', 'shining tor' and 'goyts moss' - though i dont think i quite ran this at anything near racepace!
the feeling of being back out without physical restrictions or niggling doubts was immense though i took it cautiously to avoid any repeats of unexpected and sudden inbalances ..there were plenty to be had without proper due care and attention

i could also tell that charlie knew we were back in the swing of it all rucksac being a bit of a giveaway (more about that in a moment)

forecast sunny,i kept an eye out for it. 3 hours in at 11am it tried to show itself but our northern clag is a hardy type and not one for dispersing so easily. at around midday the sun finally won or maybe the clag just let it!

so that was our first 20 mile outing, with oddles of sqidgy ups and downs, for a good couple of months. i finished feeling strong, with plenty left in the tank, and no niggles around the knee area

right! and now on to a piece of kit first used by me yesterday..i cannot believe i haven't had one before..and so blindingly obvious

attached to the front of my sac this little number (though not as small as not a midget) meant i never had to take my pack off throught the run..simple yet most of the best gadgets that pepper our lives from time to time are!


Ali said...

Does that then mean you didn't need to be carrying the stuff in your backpack? Or is the backpack just for emergency kit (like silver bullets and armour)?

kate said...

brilliant news :)
i've always wondered about those pouches, look like they just bounce around. what do you use for carrying drink?

ultra collie said...

ali/kate..i had my/pooches food n drink/camera etc in front and any emergency stuff (tommy gun, walking stick, turkey foil) in the backpack. pouch carries 2+ bottles and have also bought a strap on bottle carrier. (and i have 2 bottle pockets in backpack plus bladder..salomon)..all the groovers have one ;-)

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Nice outing UC. Just got a similar front pouchy thing for my OMM bags, looking forward to trialing it.

Johann said...

Sounds like you had a very enjoyable time out there. Glad to hear you can run without any pains or niggles. I've been looking at similar pouches but haven't bought one yet.

Hayfella said...

Great tendon news!
Can I put a word in for the Innov8 Horizontal H2O bladder thingy? 2litres, carried snug against your back in one of their bumbags or rucksacks. Very stable. Keeps your lumbar region warm and on cold days it takes the chill off the water. Which is all it takes to keep us fell runner types happy.

sbrt said...

Good to hear you are back on form.