Sunday, 19 June 2011

lakeland 50 recce

now intent on making the start line i thought it wise to give us a little refresher of the bit we'll do in the dark..from ambleside to coniston. all that was very straightforward in retrospect, without needing to refer to the map once

to get a bit more climbing in i decided on a diversion at dungdeon ghyll, along the cumbrian way. hands up though i made a schoolboy navigation error and ended up, at angle tarn, a little way off from where i was planning on heading. PAY MORE ATTENTION NEXT TIME!

all the same it made for a good long climb and descent which served its purpose.

we got the most time on our feet we've had this year and so now i feel confident about osmotherley coming up in two weeks.

now then..the big debate.
his nibs flew yesterday and has shown no after will he make the team for the lakeland 50? i'm tempted even at his mature age..he's the canine equivalent of joss naylor i think! we'll perhaps check post osmotherley, but it would be fantastic to have him by my side for it..i mean somewhere up ahead. we'll see


sbrt said...

Nav error, nah. It was a lakeland 55 recce.

Glad to hear its going well.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Angle tarn sounds quite a detour! Enjoyable long day though. I'm sure Charlie will be up for another 50

Karen said...

love the pictures :)

JessiePants said...

It sounds like you are going to be ready for your race! Quite a day, the photos look as though that trail is amazing.
Charlie looks like he can hold his own out there, great friend to have. Also looks very handsome with a summer cut.

Ali said...

His nibs will be fine for the 50 - just keep feeding him the flapjack. Glad the training is going well.

Johann said...

Good to see you running so well. I see what you mean with not so much sun there by you. Charlie seems to be in good shape!

kate said...

i thought you were going to say your detour led to the odg hotel-lovely pint in there. so good to see all is going well. i'm sure charlie is going to be running long before we stop!!!

Hayfella said...

It just doesn't seem natural for the Cumbria Way to turn so much northwards when you're at the end of Mickleden; so it's an easy mistake to make. Angle Tarn's nice though isn't it! Glad you had a good day. Extra glucosamine for Lord Nibs in the weeks leading up to the 50. What does your vet say?

ultra collie said... you're thinking!

de..worth the detour too always :)

jp..charlie blushed

ali..and beef stew guys probably have more su in your winter!

kate..was tempted but it was a little early..even for me!

hf..he's on cant get better (rx only)..amazing there isnt the equivalent for humans

Julie said...

Hi David! Wow! Gorgeous pictures of your race! Love the beautiful views of the countryside! Breath taking for sure! Of course I love the picture of Charlie:)