Saturday, 4 June 2011

groundhog holidays

so what's wrong with going to the same place year after year if you really love the place? well nothing to my mind, so it was off to portugal again with the UC clan, minus of course, the real URC. his nibs left at home gave me the chance yet again to do some er er road running. can you believe it! there's a cracking 5m lollipop, undulating route from the villa to the town (carverio) and back. that was done daily with a PB of around 3 mins faster than my slowest day. but it would not have been right to miss out this little trail route, the seven hanging valleys. its all up and down along a sheer cliff drop which gave me the fear with my lack of head for heights with sheer drops..the pics take you from the start to the finish..hope you like them!
'the start'

'extreme fishing'


'smugglers sneaky exit'

'you can have a fishy..'

'don't look down'

and so back home i have about 8 weeks to get fit for the lakeland 50. i've got a weekend in the lakes for two training days soon then osmotherley 33 early july. i wouldn't say i'm papping it but i think i've got my work cut out in such a short space of time..head down then and go for it i say..what possibly could go wrong!

ps sorry i haven't commented on anyone's posts..i have a technical glitch that needs sorting. if anyone can help please shout! i can sign into my account but when i try to comment it asks me to sign in again but doesn't recognise me! urghhh!


Johny Smash said...

I've got the same problem with regards the comments so I sometimes use google chrome to browse with. Never any problems then. Apparently there's many bloggers have this glitch and if you're a computer whiz, unlike me, you could fix your 'widgets' and be fine. Google Chrome it is then!

ultra collie said...

lets see if it works then jonny smash

ultra collie said...

yep! thanks a lot!!!

Stu Stod said...

As much has I love our family holidays im always equally excited about running in a new (much warmer)landscape.
I look forward to hearing about your training days in the coming weeks.

sbrt said...

When tha boowt comes in.

Good to hear you are up and running.

Ali said...

If it ain't broke...

Your token trail run looked very nice - and you got to meet the Portuguese Robson Greene - brilliant!

Good luck at Osmotherley.

Jess said...

What a cool looking place; thanks for sharing the photos!

kate said...

extreme fishing just makes my palms sweaty! nothing like a good holiday to kick start your training i say.

Johann said...

Really great photos! Looks like you had a great run there. I did read twice about the road running and do believe it. I'm so glad I am starting my trail season now.

Karen said...

With shots like these you should be in the postcard business :)

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow

Hayfella said...

I reckon running beside the sea has got to be some of the best in t'world. Good luck with the training.

ultra collie said...

stu - its runners secret up side!

sbrt - we're showing us age lad

ali - seriously it was a sheer 150-200ft drop..the man must have been hungry!

jess - cool and hot

kate - i couldnt go near for fear

johann - that was my road running season

karen - there's an idea

sf - which way are you going ? up or down?

hf - second only to lovely mountainous lands

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Love running in the Algarve. £ years running I went to a place near Villamoura and loved the undulating trails on the cliffedge and the scent of the vegetation.

A 'superboc' after was good too!

Runningbear said...

Lovely holiday pics and road running eh? Enjoyed your taste of the dark side did you...?

ultra collie said...

de..superbock rocks

rb..nice to mix it up once in a while :)

JessiePants said...

I'm wicked late with this, but lovely photos and sounds like a GREAT time!
Look forward to hearing how the training is going for you.