Thursday, 24 November 2011

collies round up

1. the pooch has got his full winter coat on whilst there's been sightings of hair on the head of his follower. yes folks, after 5 years shaven, the locks are flowing once more. kind of.

2. earlier this month i legged it round lathkil, my first fell race since the waltz. this time there was no river dousing but a fine slurry yard was there to be negociated

3 whoever thinks running long distances is harder than short ones run hard is maybe not right. they're both hard but for totally different reasons. i get more anxious before a 5 x 4min solo track session these days than i do lining up for a 50 miler

4 training plans look easier on the paper than they actually are

5 my current plan has meant i've had to let go of the reins and my security blanket and trust in what has been laid out in front of me. it might be working. but its certainly shaking things up and that feels good

6 its the forth week of the plan and the prescribed eating regimen of no rice, bread, pasta etc. overall ive done ok apart from one reckless night and on a few occasions i've been seen sneaking in a few potatoes, beers and crisps when nobody's looking. mums the word ;-)

7 i am now officially asthmatic. i did wonder what might be holding me back from being a front of pack runner..well now i know why ;-)

8 next up is gravy pud fell race..because northern boys love gravy

9 and probably like you we're starting to get into the xmas spirit in the UC household..ding dong


4 Winds said...

Aw! Bless him!

Totally with you on the distance thing. I'm always amazed that 800m/1500m runners can be so fast for so long (or half mara for that matter)


Johann said...

Sounds all good and true to me. I just stick to the longer running and leave the short stuff for the fast people. Xmas spirit is certainly creeping in here as well.

Simon said...

My most dreaded session is the occasional 'Park Run'. 5K at top whack is not pleasant! I MAY be at Gravy Pud...

Hayfella said...

Welcome back my hairy, wheezy friend. You too UC! Fell races. Track sessions. No carbs. Blimey, you don't do things by halves. Pints maybe, but Mum's the word. You'll be ultrarunning greyhound in no time.

sbrt said...

The correct fell running food is beer pies and chips.

Ali said...

No beer or spuds? That can't be good for you.

Sara said...

After taking up running just under a year ago I'm beginning to realise I'll never be fast and that distance off-road running is for me (currently only at 15 miles but it's increasing steadily).

I was pointed in the direction of your blog by a member of my running club who had seen you (and, I presume, Charlie) at the Lakeland 50 recently. I also run with my Beagle, Murphy. Can I ask how you went about negotiating a place for Charlie in human races? I would think your reputation preceeds you these days but how did people react during your early races?

I also follow the blog of another ultra runner (Sandra Bowers) and her team of huskies. She's been a bit of an inspiration to me. I'm now looking forward to following your adventures too!

ultra collie said...

paul..we'll be like whippets round the 50 next year ;-)

johann..good to hear spirits are good

simon..hope to meet you there if so..what top do you wear?

hf..hopefully catch a pint a xmas with you

sbrt..and gravy. and mushy peas please if! beagles too! hope you have loads of fun with murphy. you cant beat running with your dog. i reckon charlie must be the leader for ultra races completed! ive never had a problem getting him in tbh so long as you ask nicely etc. at the highland fling he even got his own medal 3 years running and got clapped in at the lakeland50 and announced first dog home! only one i think.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Yikes, no spuds or pasta, hope this delivers the goods for you as thats quite a sacrifice (I live off the stuff).

kate said...

yeh, what sbrt said!! how long are you on this 'diet' for? can you feel the benefits, where do you get your carbs from?? confused.

ultra collie said...

de..cross my hand with silver and i'll tell thee

kate..what i told de ;)

Julie said...

Hi David!!! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Been thinking about you and Charlie...hope everything is going well!

Take care of you!