Sunday, 4 December 2011

collies christmas countdown

seeing as the running plan is simply being worked through there isn't a great deal of running news to blog about..except that a number of regular bloggers seemed to have gone awol..running bear, emma, julie to name a few..come back your words and craic are missed

so with christmas just around a snowy corner i'll be posting my top 5 christmas hits over the next few weeks for all to enjoy a bit of a sing-a-long

and at number 5..a little number that takes me back to my teens at a time when i'd broken up with my then current girlfriend..i was no fan of this group or genre of music whatsoever but the timing of its release hit me between the..
and as an added bonus there a bit of a fellrunning feel to it (well at the start anyway)


kate said...

cheese-a-rama, love it!

sbrt said...

'Absolutely poptastic mate .What do you reccon Smashie?'

"Could do with a bit of any Bachman-turner over drive Nicey".

'thats right Smashie. If you like reading about David and Charlie's capers'....... You aint seen nothing yet do do!

4 Winds said...

Well before my time, that. I'll have to ask my dad......