Monday, 23 January 2012

about an' interesting experiment' and the art of persuasion

'hi marc [recce/race director] i really dont think i should do the recce given i haven't run more than nine miles in one go since september'

'are you sure? it could be an interesting experiment'

interesting? daft more like

fast forward three days and there i am sat in the dog and gun in keswick with simon moorehouse, enjoying the biggest bowl of goulash known to man, washed down with keswick ales of equal calibre, and having some top craic about running, mountains, mountain running, and running in the mountains

(simon and charlie heading over to wasdale)

so what of the 'interesting experiment'? well lets just say that the day contained every reason why we do what we do. never ending climbs. tricky descents. bogs galore. and a star filled sky shining down us to the finish. 27 miles/7000ft of sheer joy..and a reminder that for me there no better place in the world than the lakes

(looking back to wasdale as we ascend black sail pass)

post recce stiffness aside..this little outing might just have stirred me into thinking about a serious assault on the full 100 in 2013. now that would be a 'very interesting experiment' i reckon ;)


kate said...

that final photo is fantastic. a great inspirational post, I'm so glad the experiment is going well :)

4 Winds said...

The 100's got an inevitability about it, like the rising of the sun and the going up of the council tax.

Cool photos mate - it's why we do what we do.


Karen said...

It rather sounds like I'm going to be an ultra 100 widow then! :P x

Derby Tup said...

As Kate said: a great inspirational post. Training is overrated; we could all be better runners if we did more of it ;-)

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Well run URC and Dave. Really enjoyed that recce last year, I'm thinking of doing Buttermere one later this year even though I'm only doing the L50 this year as, like Coniston leg, it's a great point-to-point run/walk.

sbrt said...


Hayfella said...

Lovely stuff. His nibs is looking in fine fettle.

Johann said...

Super photos and of course you'll be doing the full 100 in 2013.

Flip said...

great blog. Even tho we missed the bus for the coniston to buttermere recce we still love our little jaunt around scarth gap and newlands . :-)

ultra collie said...

4 winds..nice way of putting it ;)
k..i'll try to make sure you're not
dt..totaly i know why too
sbrt..only with banned substances and pastimes :)
hf..hes still yoof in every way apart from his age
j..well put
flip..saw your fb post..glad you still had fun