Friday, 13 January 2012

ready steady...

so here it is, our provisional line up leading to the lakeland 50 in july..hope to see lots of familiar faces along the way

jan..coniston to buttermere recce 27m with charlie
jan..inskip derby arms half (pardon me?)
feb..a day out somewhere with raldiss and charlie nine 9m (clues in the name) tbc
mar..wuthering hike 33m (derby tups fault)with charlie
mar..dalemain to ambleside recce 25m with charlie
apr..grasmere fells and tarns and gingerbread 21m with charlie
may..sandstone trail 33m with charlie
may goyts moss 7m tbc
june..wincle trout 6m tbc
june..baslow boot bash 26m tbc with charlie
june..whalley waltz (get in!!)
july..osmotherley phoenix 33m with charlie
july lakeland 50 (praise the lord!)..charlie tbc

im still on my diet of around 26 weekly miles of the 'faster stuff' and no long runs. i guess the plan for the year will be more about intensity and less about'll be interesting to see how it goes. im really quite giddy about it all

first experiment is the recce this sunday..27m/7000ft (the forecast is amazing)..and i haven't run more than 9miles in one go since september :-0

wish me luck (though i have a feeling his nibs will burn it up)


kate said...

the forecast certainly looks good, no excuses for navigational hiccups ;) have a brilliant run!

4 Winds said...

Sunday looks good all over!
Feel a boggy clartfest brewing..
Have a good one.

Derby Tup said...

Your L50 training schedule looks good. See you in March ;-)

4 Winds said...

Looking forward to seeing you at the L100 in 2013 :-)

ultra collie said... go wrong !!!? youre thinking of someone else ;)
4 winds..waders n all
dt..see you there
4 winds..maybe just maybe (or maybe not as well)

flanker said...

Some good events in there. Might well see you at a few of the longer ones in the build-up to July. Enjoy the recce!

Gaynor said...

Looking good. I'll be at the March recce too!

Sarah Rigby said...

How was the recce this weekend, CD?
Pleased to see that Charlie's coming out to play for the Sandstone trail and maybe the L50?
Benny and I are doing some intensive agility training with dining room chairs as substitute stiles! :o)

ultra collie said...

flanker..say hello if you see us good to meet you

sarah..brief blog post coming up. but yes,...those stiles :-/