Saturday, 16 June 2012

as giddy as a giddy thing

the recovery's coming on well (touchwood) so i was trying to decide where to go next this have that little goal we all like to have
casually reading the events listings in trail running whilst on the loo (is that level of detail really necessary? - ed) i spotted the inaugural glencoe marathon. ten minutes later i'm in. i can't wait. it looks awesome

im a huge fan of running in scotland. there's something a little distant and spiritual about the place. and the people i've met (ali, debs, murdo etc etc) are so welcoming
16 weeks to go from this coming monday..perfect
only no ultrarunningcollie on this one..he's taking it quite well though
will i see any faniliar faces there?

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sbrt said...

Giddy up!
Say hi to Scotland for me.