Tuesday, 5 June 2012

mixing it up

as you might know for the past few months i have struggled with my left foot, to the extent of enforced walking for 8 miles during the L50 recce at the beginning of april
i had hope that the trouble would pass and that i could crack on with the L50 training plan. no such luck. 8 weeks ago i hobbled round the edale skyline and called time at 12 miles. since then i lay off running totally for 5 weeks and was scanned in 3 places on my foot/ankle. no break (phew) , PF and degeneration at 80%, and tendon inflammation over my 5th metertarsal and ankle....so all manageable (fingers crossed). and over the whole process i've learned a lot about what works for me and my body and what doesn't
anyway, there's always an up side. with the prospect of less, if any, running, i started a contingency plan consisting of swimming, cycling, spinning and gyming...basically anything active that ends in 'ing'

so far so good..i'm actually enjoying it all..am starting to get fitter all round and, wait for it, have just re-introduced my running....15..22...25 mins...a little way off any ultra goals
anyway im going to build it back up, but slowly, and try to build a better, fitter me..a bit like the bionic man without the luxury of the six million dollars
it does mean no L50 this year and a host of other events, but im quietly excited with having to replan and rethink everything...so hoping for a few short fell races then maybe something slightly longer in sept/oct time
and charlie is relieved that im slowly back running so he doesnt have to constantly peg it when im out on my bike


Johann said...

Not fun for sure! I'm not a lover of the bike and hope I don't have to go that route soon or ever. Although my wife is trying to get me into cycling with her. Glad you can start running again. I can imagine Charlie is smiling. Take it easy and hope you build up all the way to your next ultra.

4 Winds said...

Inside every ultra-runner, there's a triathlete ttrying to get out ;-)

Stu Stod said...

Sorry to hear you have pulled out of the Lakeland 50.
Sounds like your enjoying the cross training and I'm sure you will come back fitter and stronger.

sbrt said...

If at first you dont succeed Tri again

ultra collie said...

i will never enter a tri. you heard it here first. but then again you also know how quickly i can change my mind!

Woldsman Dan said...

Glad to hear your enjoying the variety out there. There are options beyond trail, hilly trail and mountainous trail afterall.

Maybe see you at that crossroads sometime.