Thursday, 23 July 2009

Let me see your hands

The thoughts of the man himself about the great night in Edinburgh....

Throughout our story we have had so many shows that have been genuinely great. We have even had some that I would call magical. That said, for whatever reason and it is probably down to a combination of things, it had been a long time since one of our magical shows had happened in the place that arguably matters most to us - our homeland!

With that being the case then naturally I had increasingly high hopes that the recent Edinburgh Castle show would therefore manifest into one of those occasions that somehow stand out from the rest.

Two days after the event I can tell you that it certainly did. Or at least for me it did! But I am also sure that those who were there on the esplanade that night will back me up on it!

It was a helluva night for Simple Minds and fans of Simple Minds! A night in fact where the inexplicable takes over and a set emerges within an ambience so strong and rare that the proceedings seemingly becomes detached from whatever else is going on in the world.

It was also a night where even the natural elements did their best to attempt messing things up, before retreat. No amount of water was going to rain on our parade after all. And nothing but nothing was going to stop the music and the force that lies behind it.

The scenes and sensations that took place at Edinburgh Castle on Saturday night will burn into our memories forever!
Thanks to everyone who came and played a part! You were the best audience ever!

Jim Kerr

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ultra collie said...

i love simple minds :)