Friday, 3 July 2009

change of plan

not that anyone will be in the slighest bit interested but, for a number of reasons, we're now running the Peakers Stroll (25m) on Sunday instead of Osmotherley on Saturday.
we will return to Osmotherley next year hopefully.


kate said...

bovvered ;)

Andrew said...

i found an old copy of runners world in the kitchen at work and your article was in it.ive enjoyed reading your blogs, but please answer one question. How do you get to enter events with your dog? every time i ask i get a big 'NO'. keep up the good work and glad your better.

ultra collie said...

kate...still time to get up here..11.30 start sunday 25miles around edale, ladybower etc..tempting?

hi andrew..great to hear from you. basically all the 'races' we do are all off roaders and tend to be ultras or ldwa challenges..dogs mostly allowed at tomorrow at peakers stroll. fra forbid dogs so for now i dont do many fra fell races for that reason alone. you're in wales aren't you? unfortunately im not that familiar with races down there