Friday, 26 June 2009


just as things were going well i get hit with 'man flu'!
where the heck did that come from! i haven't had a cold or flu for 18months or so and its summer!
seeing as there a few people in the agency falling like flies i reckon the air con is the prime suspect. hopefully not out for too long. but at least i'm sleeping like a baby thamks to a little help from the 'green stuff'!


mialena said...

Oh no! Yes sleep all you can, drink loads and stay away from the air con for as long as possible, it definitely seems like the culprit! We all used to share lurgies in my old job - they came back nicley recycled and mutated every 3 weeks or so - not what you need really.

Runningbear said...

Poor UC, hope you're being properly pampered, & make the most of the Night Nurse! Be sure to be a brave soldier - you'll be right as rain in a few days time. Wishing you a swift recovery. RB

kate said...

:( get well soon
i secretly enjoying being a 'bit poorly' due to the crazy benylin dreams ;)

Anonymous said...

Get well soon DD!

ultra collie said...

cheers guys
it only lasted two days but seems to have taken my running mojo with it when it scarpered :(