Sunday, 21 June 2009

the little things that make you smile :)

i was intent on running around 20miles yesterday. that didn't quite happen.
on saturday as planned, i did my 30minutes of kenyan hills in the field with the hill right behind where we live. i could have done a longer session but let's not get greedy eh.
charlie hasn't quite got the knack of this session yet, choosing to sprint each and every one of them leaving me for dead. in the end i guess boredom at my pace was setting in for him so he decided to keep running and jumping up at me just for laughs.

fast forward to sunday which as you may know is fathers day and i knew both hollie and will were excited by the whole thing. so having not managed to get out of bed early enough i decided to curtail my planned run so the kids wouldn't be waiting all day for my return (what it is to be wanted eh even if it is just once a year!).

the revised run was a lovely local 8 miler from hen cloud, over the roaches to hanging stone and back via a different track and finally a couple of miles of road to get the pace going. what started off feeling hard soon evolved into fluidity of movement with a good all round feeling. and i kept watching charlie charging about and thought how lucky i am to have him as my sidekick. he's top dog.

but what tickled me was the drive back. a group of teenage hikers making their way along the road were waving and cheering furiously at each car that passed them. our turn soon came and with roof down i sent out a resounding reply and salute. it was a great reminder of the freedom of youth, that anything goes no matter how daft or simple and it felt nothing but natural to wholeheartedly join in. it kinda made my morning.

then back home, the day got even better as hollie and will piled down the stairs with hugs and loves (and an absolute load of lovely cards (some daft) and little presents. they know me only too well so i've now got a great stock of ale, crisps and nuts. it would be rude not to open them all.

the rest of the day was so chilled. hollie baking her favourite raspberry topped biccies, will (with only 9 men) drubbing me on FIFA 09, and KD continuing her endless quest for the perfect eventer. happy times.

with a short run on Sunday i changed my plan for Monday and decided on a 7 miler early doors incorporating 5 miles at threshold effort. with a 5.30 start i wasn't expecting anything to shout about but surprise surprise i netted out at 7.47min/mile pace (vs 8.33 last week). maybe just maybe there are some signs that my running is just starting to take shape. or maybe they are famous last words!


Hayfella said...

Sounds like you had a fabulous day. And then doing 7.47s! The hard work is paying off in spades.Good on yer.

kate said...

sounds like you have a lovely family. my brother had to ring me on sunday afternoon to remind me, at least i had the excuse of being at work!!
glad the training's going well. not long now...

mialena said...

Sounds like a fab day! With those surroundings I'd be out all day... But with a family like that, hm, tough choice :)

ultra collie said...

well all this talk of training going well...lets hope it doesnt all go tits up at osmotherley!