Monday, 1 June 2009

new light through old windows

one of the great things in life can be the rediscovery of something you know well, seeing it in a different light, a different way, or maybe from a different perspective. this happened to me during our holiday to the lakes and even more surprisingly on returning home.

the change was simple enough. stay at the other end of the lake to where we have been for many years. it may sound obvious but the change that made was amazing. we've always loved going up to derwentwater but this time it felt even more special, more relaxed and more invigorating. everything about our break this time was great - the cottage, the views, the time we spent together and i even managed to sleep for a whole 8hrs most nights, which is unheard of!

when it came to running, me and charlie were out most days but kept them short due to my lazy lie ins and not wanting to eat too much into the day and keeping everybody hanging round for us to return. i also have an eye to this weeks wharfedale marathon and am probably still recovering from the fling a few weeks ago.

we only made one proper mountain run, up to high spy, which ended in such a steep vertical and at times a tad more dangerous than i would have liked descent that from then on in i opted for quicker lower lying fells, such as blease and lonscale fells, where we could maitain some real momentum.

the weather played its part too. i saw the lakes on some days like id rarely seen before - bathed in absolute sunshine without a cloud in sight. the downside being that the lack of clouds brought out hoards of people. so i welcomed the return of the rain and low cloud that would deter all but the real fell hardy types and give us the solitary time i longed for.

our runs were often folowed by a ramble with karen and the kids and gave charlie the chance to brush up on his triatholon training too!

all in all a great time was had by all and i felt a degree of sadness in having to leave it all behind.

to my surprise though when we returned home i had massive good vibe feelings to be back home and probably for the first time in a while i was able to see just what a great place it is we live in day to day and how lucky we are. ive always tried to remind myself of this but have always thought of the lakes of being some superior place. in some respects it is but for some strange reason i just feel right at home where i live now.

during our time up in the lakes charlie had been 'infested' by a tick which karen had done her best to sort out. just to be on the safe side our friends kate and gerraint, who also happen to be vets, popped in finish off karens handy work. they were en route for a 3am start to run/walk the high peak marathon route spurred on by the need to get back home for the grande finale of britain's got (nee) talent. charlie says thank you if you're reading.

so next up its wharfedale. best get some training done!


Southbay Girl said...

Looks like a wonderful vacation!! Lucky you!! I also prefer it when it's overcast and cloudy-people don't seem to like that kind of weather, especially here in California. But, I have a Scottish mother-so I love grey and misty weather!!! I live in the wrong state.

Glad you had a great time away but also that you're happy to be home!!

Hayfella said...

Sorry I missed you DD. Glad you had a great break. I'll say 'Hi' to the mighty Garburn for you next week. I too like a bit of murk when I'm running. Hot sun's a killer! We'll get a run together somewhen. Honest.

Nick said...

Glad you had a nice break. I'll see you (and your master) at Threshfield on Saturday.

Runningbear said...

Great post UC and sounds like a lovely time was had. Feel the very same when I've been away, sometimes the coming home is as lovely as the holiday. Might bump into you at Threshfield - though not sure I'm quite persuaded to do the full M ; ) Don't forget the your sun cream.

ultra collie said...

SG - thanks. what sort of pooch is that you're holding?

HF - good luck at Garburn. looks like the weathers cooling off for it :)

Nick - look forward to seeing you again. hes been doing intervals with me this week so you can borrow him if you like!

RB - yes say hi if you see me and the pooch. i think we go off first though who knows you might have changed your mind by then!

Graceless Whippet said...

Sounds like you had a cracking holiday. Good to hear you got the tick sorted - they're a bugger to get off.