Wednesday, 17 June 2009

back to the track (last to leave)

why am i posting at such an ungodly hour of 0230! its because we have had a slug in the living room (gross) for the past two nights that only shows itself when we all totter off to bed. so i hatched a cunning plan of getting up in the middle of the night to sort the rascal out. needless to say there it was lazing around on the floorboards. it was despatched at once into a now disused carton of ben and gerrys (thanks guys, the ice cream was yummy!) and suitably 'seasoned'.

all this excitement having been sticking to my plan pretty well so far. did a quick 5 with charlie early doors yesterday then went to the track in leek at tea time.

the guys at the track on club night are mainly short distance runners and as i'm trying to do more volume in the speed sessions right now i'm not finding much appetite to do likewise from the others.

anyway it was pretty hot and i managed to knock out 7 x 800's in clockwork fashion with a deviation of only 2 seconds between any lap! i find it hard doing faster stuff at a higher volume but rewarding too. with a final 800 and warm down to go i was the only one left..and maybe psychologically that's no bad thing either :)

another 5 with charlie in 3 hours then a quick massage at lunch.

best get some shuteye.

damn that slug! (that was)


mialena said...

Eek! We had some slugs too a few years back, left lovely tracks on the carpet... Flushing them works just as well :)

Excellent work on the 800's! 2 seconds is practically no difference at all!

Hayfella said...

I'm well impressed. I'd have left a load of All Bran out for the slug. It would munch it and blow itself up while I was a-kip! Sounds like you had a good session too. I've got '6 pace' today. When it stops raining.

kate said...
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kate said...

we currently have a 'salt perimeter' around the kitchen door-a war has been waged!!