Monday, 15 June 2009

getting my act together (put politely)

my 'running year' is usually a year of two halves. the first, where i look after myself, achieve new PB's and feel generally pleased with myself. i then feel as though celebrations are called for but ultimately forget to stop the celebrations with a corresponding decline in results etc. and as a result i beat myself up.

unintentionally, it seems this year i'm doing things in reverse order! i can safely say that i have yet to get my act (put politely) together this year and as a result have endured a real mixed bag of running experiences and results. if i was at school the report would read 'could do better'.

so my friends, i guess with 3 weeks to go before osmotherley it's time to knuckle down, put down the pint pot and the crisps and put some real effort in not only in my running but my lifestyle also.

so here goes.



kate said...

and i was just about to buy you a drink ;)
stick with it!!

Runningbear said...

You mean you've not really been trying all this time..?
Scrub that, I've just read your training plan...I can see you really mean business .. tres impressive. I'll drink to that :>

Nick said...

Don't beat yourself up Dave. As long as you keep doing the runs and sober up before the serious ones, you'll be fine. I've always got a bottle of red and a family-sized packet of crisps at the ready and I'm not afraid to use them!

mialena said...

Impressive plan! No room for pint(s) there - but afterwards is a different matter :)

Hayfella said...

If we're running the H.Fling together next year, would you please continue with plenty of beer and crisps to give me a chance? Thanks. (Puts wine bottle down guiltily).

ultra collie said...

thanks for your encouragement. the running training is definitely 'upped' but like last night it is thirsty work so a cheeky half after training in the heat was called for ;)