Thursday, 21 May 2009

to fell and back (in brackets)

only one more day before we leave behind our beautiful peak district and head up to the even more beautiful lakes. this is where we're staying (no stalkers please).

and here is one of the views from the house over to grange fell (nice).

it'll be great to clear the mind of all the crap (work) and spend some proper time with karen and the kids. oh, and not forgetting a few early morning jaunts up, over and down the surrounding fells with charlie boy (perfect).

so it was fitting that last night i ran one of our local fell runs - goyt's moss - just 7m with 1400ft ascent. only i didnt actually race. i got there an hour early and instead of waiting for the start i decided to head off early (what's a boy to do to win these days!). in my very own race of one i came first and last (of which i'm delighted). i pushed fairly hard though not as hard as if i'd actually raced it (though i did feel like the quarry once the race had officially started). and a few people did ask me if i really was in the lead. even simon bailey gave me a double take as i headed towards the finish (just 25mins after the official start). maybe i should use this idea in every race from now on (tee hee)

well that's all folks for now until i return (though hopefuly i may be hooking up with hayfella for an easy bimble on the fells whilst i up there).

why the sudden invasion of brackets i'm just not sure (:))


Anonymous said...

I have just found your blog and am trawling through your posts.
Your training in the side menu makes fantastic reading.

Lovely dog too

Shell x

kate said...

is that cottage 'maiden moor' in grange?....i can see you ;)
hope you have a lovely week, make sure you keep to your training schedule though!

Runningbear said...

Seems you've done very well with the weather, hope you've enjoyed the fells. Looking forward to seeing more lovely pics.

ultra collie said...

shell - thanks very much!

kate - i said NO stalkers

rb - i'm working on it, up soon!