Tuesday, 12 May 2009

back on track

one of the things, among many, that i love about running is variety. you can go fast, you can go slow. up. or down. road or grass. track or trail. i think you get my drift. the options are endless. its whatever takes your mood. and it gives you such freedom and accessibility to the world around you and beyond.

but today, there would be no high scapes or ridge running. no today it was back to the track to sharpen me up for the wharfedale marathon in june. its funny as i've just read hayfellas latest post and he was i a similar state of mind too by the sounds of it.

so todays effort was fast on the track. well not 'running bear' type fast but compared to my recent 53miler this was me at my speedy gonzalez best. 8 x 200's x 2.

running on my own takes away any pressure and allowed me to just think about what i was doing. and the exhiloration of running faster is great soul food. i need to have it more.

it also gave me time to escape from what has been a difficult time at work this week..having to let some people, really good people, go as the recession takes a bit of a hold. its peoples lives that get messed with and that's not good. i'm working on the assumption that one day it will be my turn. when it happens i will walk away from this highly stressful industry and go to my plan in the lakes i hope. and whatever happens it doesnt matter as i'll still have the important things in life - karen, hollie, will and ,of course, charlie and perhaps even a bit more time for... a spot more running


kate said...

i don't know how you do track work on your own. i really struggle to push myself-must try harder!

Runningbear said...

Weyhey! Track work and short track work at that. Am v impressed UC. Sounds like you needed a proper blast out after that kind of a week. Good to hear you're taking time to remember the really important stuff. Hope the session had the desired effect. You'll soon be motoring ; )