Wednesday, 20 May 2009

field with a view

today i got a lovely surprise as i went out to feed freddie. as he wandered from his stable to the field he stopped and looked with the most inquisitive look - ears pricked, eyes on stalks, head upright - that is the preserve of equines only. so i trailed my eye to his point of interest. and there they were, our local herd of wild deer, stood in the next field. in turn they had clocked us and all stopped grazing to consider whether we poised a threat or not. after a two minute stare off they had decided that we didnt and continued with their early morning grazing. a sight to behold but not one caught in any great detail on my mobile unfortunately (if you look very carefully you might just spot the odd one).

last night it was 6 x 800m eforts at the track, tonight its hopefully the goyts moss fell race.

it starts at 7.30, a time that is ok if its 'am' for me, but a 7pm start is new territory. we shall see.

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Runningbear said...

Sounds magical. I spotted one or two with a bit of squinting. Good to hear the track work is coming along nicely. Hope the race went well. RB