Friday, 8 May 2009

Tempo training for Charlie

well its been nearly a whole two weeks since the fling so that means we've got 50 weeks more training before next years event. better put a plan together!

actually i've felt really good both physically and mentally since the race. although it was tough going at times it appears to have had a totally uplifting effect on me. i've been running well and enjoying it.

its also made me more determined to get into real good shape. so i've upped my cross training with a bit of swimming, some weights and..wait for it..a bit of cycling (can i join your club kate? can i?). i even bought a new bike!

nothing like you hardcore biking dudes ride on though. a simple hybrid for trails, track and roads. it gives me an occasional change to running (but i way prefer running) and really importantly a chance to put Charlie through a proper threshold session which i can't do running as i'm too slow for his speediness. so win win.

next up a couple of local fell races hopefuly then the wharfedale marathon :)


mialena said...

I hope Charlie agrees with the "win win" :)

Runningbear said...

Did you have to buy some of those special padded pants along with the new toy? I'm always astonished at how thin and pointy looking those saddles are. I don't think I'd dare sit down though I'm sure there's a knack :) Happy riding.

Hayfella said...

I remember Charlie used to go mad at bikes. Is he a reformed character? Great idea though. I'm a firm believer in cross-training. Sadly mine consists of being sofa-bound

ultra collie said...

mialena - he has no option :)

rb - actually my one is ok for the short period i ride out for. but no, no cycling gear for me..not my cup of tea!

hayfella - he's too intelligent to go for my tyres but yes he still loves putting the fear of god into other cyclists!

kate said...

firstly that's a rubbish picture of your bike. you need to be on it in its natural environment. and secondly i can't even see what make it is-how am i meant to critique your tyre and stem options! call yourself a cyclist ;)

ultra collie said...

oh honestly kate. call yourself a biker! its a specialized crosstrail sport..cant you tell! but i bet it only cost as much as one of your fancy tyres ;)

kate said...

...hangs red face in shame and embarrassment ;)