Sunday, 6 September 2009

2009 hills and dales (bogs and stiles)

the comeback kids are alive and well. yesterday we took the tentative step of our longest outing for quite some time..since my 'mental running meltdown' redoing the peakers stroll route on our own in fact.

i was apprehensive though. although the route is only some 10 miles from my house its an area bizarrely that i'm quite unfamiliar with so my navigation skills would be under the spotlight and to be quite honest i haven't felt this has been a strong point for me in 2009!

once again a low key start, from high ash field study centre, at 9am by around 25 or so runners. within minutes we were above ankle deep in mud, wading across bogs, the mud wrestling to avail us of our footwear with every step. in places, mud would give way to ankle deep cowsh**. what a delight!

soon we were to reach the first of many many stiles, making the whole event a bit more of an obstacle course in mud than anything else. i had to carry charlie over a few of the said obstacles so by the end of the run i looked like a swamp creature and smelt shall we say a little 'ripe'.

still you had to smile and we met with one or two great people along the way. drunken euphoria looked on fire with his current solid block of running and races. we were running and catching up when charlie had an altercation with another dog by a five bar gate. i could see it was going to 'one of those days' and said farewell to d-e as he headed of into the distance.

it was the kind of outing where, due to the bogs, stiles, and general slip slidey underfoot conditions it was hard to get any momentum for any sustained period...well that's my excuse anyway.

on the navigation front, i went 'wrong' once and only i was chuffed with that.

the 5 checkpoints provided great nourishment along the way and the meal at the finish was delightful. thank you to everyone. the organisers and the checkpoint staff were just so lovely, smiley and helpful :)

events like these are wonderful. challenging courses. great people. laid back atmosphere. and enough tucker along the way to feed a small army.

it was only 22.5 miles but the hills and dales, bogs and stiles may, just may, be the start of our return to the 'longer stuff'. and maybe, just maybe, we'll be seen for the start of the High Peak 40 in two weeks time after all ;)

watch this space.


Andrew said...

congrats, glad to see your back on top, having fun and enjoying yourself, because at the end of the day thats what its all about (well i think)

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Your right, that was very muddy in places and makes getting into a rythm difficult. Good for leg strength though I bet, good step in your comeback. Nice to catchup and see you again soon.

ultra collie said...

andrew - its the only way for me (and my sidekick)

de - how did you do the next day after all that!

kate said...

so all you needed was a mud bath and now it's 'game on' :) ....but i've just entered the rivi :(

Nick said...

Great to see you back, uc. I'll see you in Buxton in 2 weeks' time :-)

mialena said...

Only 22.5 miles of bogs! Yikes! Sounds like great fun though - apart from the other dog incident, hope Charlie is ok!

ultra collie said...

kate - come on! 40's way more fun than 13! just ask Nick..that right Nick? defer rivi to 2010 ;)

mialena - the proper x-c/fell stuff only england can deliver ;)

Runningbear said...

Only 22.5!?!? Sounds like a walk in the park ;D Sounds the mojo is motoring - are your legs still that colour? Eee, a taste of some good boggy northern fun ahead.