Wednesday, 2 September 2009

it's spitting!

actually it's humping it down and me, mrs uc and our four-legged sidekick have just come in from a x-c trot (followed by a good dose of kenyan hills for me and charlie)

this is a first! our first ever run together since we moved here 14 years ago when i was on twenty marlborough (red ones not the girlie lights) a day and wheezed my way through a solitary mile then nearly collapsed with exhaustion! anyway, whether mrs uc will entertain me making the route up again remains to be seen with all the mud, fences, nettles and slippery stiles we had to negociate. but it was refreshing and exhilorating and we all had a grand splash and splosh.

other blogger mates (you know who you are) have been espousing the merits of autumn running and after todays outing i'm up for it! you cant change the weather so why moan about it..but we do get more than our fair share of rain over much so they even wrote a song about it!

'From Northenden to Partington it’s rain
From Altrincham to Chadderton it’s rain
From Moss Side to Swinton hardly Spain
It’s a picture postcard of “wish they never came”

And whilst that deckchair in the garden it makes no sense
It doesn’t spoil the view or cause offence
Those Floridas, Bavarias and Kents
Make gentlemen wear shorts but don’t make gents

So convertible stay garage-bound
Save after-sun for later
If rain makes Britain great
Then Manchester is greater
As you dry your clothes once again
Upon the radiator
What makes Britain great
Makes Manchester yet greater

From Cheetham Hill to Wythenshawe it’s rain
Gorton, Salford, Sale pretty much the same
As I’m caught up without my jacket once again
The raindrops on my face play a sweet refrain

And as winter turns reluctantly to spring
For the clouds above the city there’s one last fling
Swallows build their nests, chaffinch sing
And the sun strolls into town like long lost king

And the mood of this whole sodden place is melancholy
Like the sun came out to play, shone through the clouds
But dropped its lolly
And everyone looks so disappointed, so, so sorry
Like the rain blew into town, kidnapped the sun
And stole its brolly'


kate said...

i used to smoke roll ups (proper smoking) or 'america spirit'- so strong that every drag gave you a head rush. their tag line 'smoke less, enjoy it more!' ...not that i miss it or anything ;)

Hayfella said...

I was musing the other day; When will the next run be that we complete with dry feet? I'm thinking May...
Hope mrs uc enjoyed it.

ultra collie said...

kate - wasn't smoking brilliant!

hf - get ahead of the game and go abroad for nice dry running :)