Tuesday, 15 September 2009

up and down (round and round)

i think i may have been a little too optimistic to think that with two weekends of longer running i could be ok for the HP40. a bout of something yesterday and the need for night nurse sealed that decision.

following the hills n dales run out, we set about another longish outing from macc forest over to shutts then cumberland to 3 shires head then over to the goyt valley and back. it was a lovely day and relaxing. charlie loved it particularly given my chilled state perhaps.

but to be honest, given the terrain, the climbs etc i felt like i walked loads of it. and had a comedy 'falling over in slow motion' on the pathless moorland when both feet went into a hole and down i went like a sack of spuds. only the remoteness was able to save any embarrasment.
i think i overplay in my overactive mind
..i want to just enjoy it
..but then i still obsess that i'm just slowing down
..so maybe i should go shorter and put the speed in?
..but i love these ambling hours
..but where am i heading?
its a riddle that i feel no closer to solving this year. whilst i like the laid back approach i am also a mix of internal competitiveness..neither of which sits neatly on their own within my being.
the high peak 40 will have to wait now until next year. so maybe windgather is the next one for me. i'll be at the back though and thats unwanted pressure in itself.
i think that for 2010 i will plan the year into distinct chunks of different running phases rather than it seeming like one long single-speed outing.


Andrew said...

i can totally relate to your thoughts. I like the photo of charlie and his tongue.

kate said...

same as andrew-apart from the photo bit ;)
maybe a nice little trail race, no pressure, just a run....

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Funny as was about to say I can relate to that and so it seem does everybody else!

Its a funny business but I'm happier for more of the time out on the moors than I am when I'm in the office. The highs are also higher. The preperation also fills up otherwise wasted time (watching repeats of Top gear, etc..). As soon as I accomplish one aim I have to aim higher or find a new target. I bet Charlie doesn't have such worries ;¬)

ultra collie said...

andrew - that was just before 'feeding time' ;)

kate - good luck. let me know how you get on

d-e - no charlie lives in the moment..true buddhist philosophy!

sbrt said...

Rings true with me too

I am not up to the distances that you run but the Training, racing, running for the fun of it balance is still a dilemma.

I am still not sure if I want to do the Moors & Tors next month or just wait till the mini mm in November.

I suspect Charlie has got it right.