Saturday, 26 December 2009

always take the positives

its been two weeks since i last ran and really i'm still not 100% but im not going to dwell on that.
as every long distance runner will appreciate, we always look to take something positive out of times of adversity. and this is one of those times because this lay off has enabled me to start sleeping properly. yes! i'm getting around 9 hrs of solid sleep without my usual break in the middle of the night and ending up with at best 6 maybe at a push 7hrs of interupted sleep.
all through 2008 ive not slept well which im sure has resulted in me being tired and eating more (the crap stuff) which will have had a knock on effect to my training and performance.
whatsmore, i've hardly touched a drop of alcohol or my usual mountain of salty snacks.
so folks, the morale of the story is this. if you want to get the balance right for great running you can do a lot worse than a good old dose of swine flu and all its glorious after effects!


Drunkeneuphoria said...

It's nice to have some time to think, plan, rather than just doing. Like yourself I rarely sleep enough, with just the occasional long lay in which doesn't make up for weeks of 5-7 hours. Glad you've found some positives. It's funny how enforced lay-off does bring in to the focus the healthy living thing. As, all of a sudden, there's no excuse for sugary carb binges.

kate said...

good to hear you're on the mend. don't rush back into proper training-actually don't take advice from me! hope you enjoy the rest of your christmas :)

ultra collie said...

de - forgot to say..ive lost 1/2 stone too in last few weeks

kate- i hang on every word you say ;)

Andrew said...

Hope you are better and get back to top form soon. Happy new year and i look forward to reading about your adventures in the new year.

ultra collie said...

thanks andrew. all the best to you and jasper. hope to meet you in person in 2010

Runningbear said...

Hi UC. Sounds like you're getting back on your feet and hope recovery is speedy. Hope you've enjoyed your Xmas despite your fall out with beers and snax. Will make sure I more thank make up for it.
Hope the New Year brings a healthier body and new resolve. Looking forward to reading more excellent adventures from Charlie. RBX

ultra collie said...

thanks rb. i think the healthier me will be a permanent signs of it abating right now :)