Sunday, 6 December 2009

the sunday times (winter edition)

a funny thing slipped into my head this morning whilst out running, namely the seasonality of my propensity to buy the sunday times and just what a great and indispensible 'piece of kit' it is, serving namely three key roles

1. footy reports
2. light the fire
3. dry my shoes out

now it wont take a genius to work out that as we have a fire most nights it wont last long. added to which i have two pairs of running shoes stuffed with paper after two great, albeit muddy, trips out this weekend. but i'll pass on the footy reports..i was at the match to experience the pain first hand so dont need any more reminding about that thank you.

anybody else find the paper useful beyond its intended purpose?


Debbie Martin-Consani said...

Newspapers keep me in a job, so I suppose that's useful. Thankfully it's not The Times.

kate said...

that's the trouble with reading the 'paper' on the tinternet, nothing to dry our shoes with


You should buy the Sunday Sport CD - it takes less pages to stuff your shoes.

Andrew said...

Theres a chippy down the road from me that sometimes wraps chips in old news papers, my fav mealis chips and gravy

ultra collie said...

debbie - hope you're all well up there..are you back running again?

kate - ..or to roll and beat kids with ;)

ptr - is that still in print!

andrew- now we're talking!