Thursday, 31 December 2009

looking back going forwards

not exactly a wise move when youre out running, what with all the trees, boulders and big drops around, but just a few minutes now at my computer to take stock before we all leap into another year, another decade in fact.

i started this blog after runners world had done a feature on charlie last january. it kind of seemed to be a good idea as there appeared to be some apetite out there for people to read about other peoples adventures. in some ways i find blogging a little put stuff out that people will read or may want to this case about running. but life is a lot more than running and sometimes my blog has strayed into these areas..but always with a kind of restrained emotion.

all that said, im pleased i started as ive subsequently met (virtually in some cases) some really great people that write interesting and inspiring stuff.

looking back to 2009....a learning year. 2008 was such a good running year i automatically assumed 2009 would simply follow suit but it didn't. im able however to learn from the numerous mistakes i made and kept making. the book of 2009 is coming to its end with a new one about to begin.

as we go into 2010 im loving my running once again, i think largely having stripped out the unwanted and unecessary pressures of running for times..i now run as i feel, and if that means i come last then so be it. the main thing is that i run with joy and my trusty sidekick does the same. a watch cant make me a better fitter runner but a good diet, enough rest and some excellent training can.

in june we set off on the coast to coast which will be an epic adventure. im so excited. but theres lots of miles to cover to take us to the start so i'd better end here and get out there and bag some miles, but before i do id just like to say 'happy new year, i hope you achieve your goals in 2010 but more importantly that you have lots of fun along the way'


kate said...

hope you (both) have lots of happy, injury free miles! and all the best to the family too...i always like the little hints of your 'other life' that seep through. keep posting and keep running ultra collie :)

Andrew said...

I agree, life is a lot more than running. If i hadnt read about you and charlie in runners world and hadnt read your blog i certainly wouldnt of tackled my first ultra. So, Cheers and a happy new year.

Drunkeneuphoria said...

Sure your going to have a great 2010! With that great big target I'm sure you will enjoy many miles of fantastic off-road running in an enjoyable preperation - all the while making you and Charlie even more super-tough, endurance atheletes. I'm with you on your keeping it real approach to running. Its nice to be competitive occasionally, but those aren't the runs I remember.

Nick said...

Great stuff Ultra Collie. Enjoyment is most important in running. That's the only way to enjoy otherwise it becomes a chore. Hope to see you soon. Happy New Year.

ultra collie said...

cheers guys and happy new year. see you out and about

Runningbear said...

Lovely & thoughtful post as always, keep inspiring; blogging on running, life and everything and of course,those lovely doggy pics. Your virtual blog patch is an uplifting little place to visit, look forward to more adventures in 2010. Rb.

Simon Anderson said...

The Coast to Coast sounds like a great gig, but do you think Charlie will cope if the weather warms up?

My lad can go forever, except from May to August when any more than four miles whacks him out.

You're right about chasing times being a miserable pursuit. I can't wait to get on to the fells in spring.

Good luck for 2010!

Hayfella said...

HI UC: Great to hear you sounding so positive. You sound like you've got that sense of perspective you were groping for last year. All the very best in 2010 and say Hi to Charlie for me.

ultra collie said...

thanks for your kind words rb and hf. much appreciated :)

sa - i know what you mean. if its hot i'll struggle never mind charlie! hopefully our weather is crap enough that i shouldnt have to worry about the heat..fingers crossed