Monday, 4 January 2010

slip slidin' away

on saturday we set out to clear skies and a crisp white coating underfoot

hidden ice and slippery rutted steep sided banks drew our running into walking at times

then in came the snow storm for the next two and a half hours

it was a whole load of fun

and just the sort of outing that im after this year

charlie adores the snow..maybe i should take him sledging too!


kate said...

i'd love to see photos of charlie sledging!

Andrew said...

Nice pics of charlie. Where do dogs get their love of snow from?

Hayfella said...

Do you think claws are like crampons for dogs? Lovely shots of Charlie.

ultra collie said...

kate - it can be fixed for you!

andrew - bet jaspers loving it you lose him in the drifts?

hf - 4 legs (plus claws) certainly seems more stable. ive yet to see charlie go ar** over...